Coinzilla Raises the Crypto Game After Major Update

Coinzilla Raises the Crypto Game After Major Update

Coinzilla has already made quite the name for itself in the crypto sphere. Not long ago, the company has been rated as the number one Crypto Advertising Agency in the world, with well over 80 successful crypto projects under its belt.

Since its inauguration, Coinzilla has become the go-to service for most crypto business owners longing for extra exposure or needing help with expanding their services. To this day, Coinzilla is responsible for helping get off the ground over 100 ICOs. The list of notable accomplishments doesn’t end here, though, as according to Stefan, Coinzilla’s CEO, the company also helped promote over 40 crypto-related businesses and monetized more than 500 crypto websites.

Coinzilla’s role within the crypto community is of the utmost importance since it acts as the engine that links and powers two of the most important parties involved, the advertisers and the publishers.

The company’s commitment towards improving the crypto community is relentless, always striving to help crypto businesses make a name for themselves, improving their exposure, as well as expanding their brands.

The company’s value and prosperity come from the richness of its clients, says Stefan. Coinzilla started out in life two years ago as the brainchild of two young and passionate computer science students, one being Stefan, and the other Alex. Their vision is a clear example of faith in the potential of the blockchain technologies. Since the blockchain started becoming “a thing,” Alex and Stefan invested time, money, and “gray matter” in their project.

Alex, the co-founder of Coinzilla Advertising Network, describes the blockchain as being the technology responsible for the freedom needed by the world nowadays. The banning of cryptocurrency and blockchain ads on various social media fronts came as a disappointment for both entrepreneurs, but this has not for a second affected their commitment and their desire to see the industry grow. Despite all the challenges, the two managed to not only create a successful crypto advertising network but to revolutionize this particular niche.

Now, Coinzilla’s team is comprised out of 20 employees boasting incredible knowledge in the digital advertising field. Stefan describes how all employees are professionals who have significant achievements in the field of online advertising. The synergy within the company becomes even more obvious when considering the fact that everyone has solid digital advertising knowledge, from the people responsible for the banner designs to the human resource representatives.

Over its two year life, Coinzilla has not only gained immense experience in the field but has made everything in its power to share its knowledge with every customer with struggling businesses. At times, Coinzilla and its network of clients really seem more like a family rather than just a business.

The business owners took note regarding how all of this was only possible thanks to Coinzilla’s amazing team. The company has its sights set on various high goals in the future as it plans to expand by introducing press release services, an affiliate program, and a brand new Coinzilla Academy.

“We want to train as many people as possible. We want to answer as many questions as possible because I think we should give more credit to this future technology called blockchain. “– declared Stefan.

This move is yet another proof regarding Coinzilla’s commitment to making the whole crypto community better, further strengthening its image as one of the pioneers in the field of crypto advertising. The company is currently looking for partners willing to partake in this game-changing plan.

Coinzilla Academy’s goal? – To aid the crypto community as much as possible by offering relevant answers to even the most complex questions that every blockchain user might require. The company’s representatives hope that this monumental project will eventually lead to a better unity within the crypto community. More knowledge means better exposure, more education means more customers, and more customers mean more money and so forth.

These are exciting times for Coinzilla as the company is currently working towards updating its services, with a particular focus on improving the user experience. Starting this October, the company will introduce a new set of tools, as well as new automated targeting algorithms specifically tailored for various countries and devices. New capping options and new stats are also expected.

“We will also introduce the native banner advertising, so this means that banners will take the placement body, to look more natural. We foresee that native advertising will boost the conversion rate with at least 35%. Also, we will include new payment methods, SEPA & SWIFT money transfers. Some users requested APIs, and because we love to help our users, there will be multiple API’s available, including for campaign design, optimization and stats. Now we are developing our white labeling service, and we hope that it will be available in November when we will celebrate two years of Coinzilla!”– Alex further explained.

It’s incredible how the passion of a handful of people can change entire niches and, consequently, even the world. If anything, Coinzilla is a fine example that everything is possible if you really put your heart and soul into something, especially if that something is backed by a formidable team.

We’ll end with Stefan’s micro-philosophy that divides his lifetime mission into days, where each day is a new opportunity for improving on something that you strived for the day before.

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