Chainge DEX Liquidity Pools – The Safest Way To Generate Passive Income On The DeFi Market

Chainge DEX Liquidity Pools – The Safest Way To Generate Passive Income On The DeFi Market

The Chainge Finance liquidity pools have introduced a pair of entirely new products that are designed to make the process of passive income generation both accessible and convenient for end-users.

The modern decentralized finance market is a vast space of opportunities for users seeking to capitalize on their assets and portfolios, regardless of their sizes. With the possibilities presented by blockchain technologies and the underlying liquidity of the market, the entry thresholds into investing in cryptocurrencies are low enough to allow anyone to partake in liquidity mining. By providing their assets to liquidity pools, such as those offered by the Chainge platforms, users are contributing to the operation of the decentralized finance market and receiving rewards on an ongoing basis for their investments.

The core value proposition of the Chainge Liquidity pools resides in the fact that it empowers users to earn APYs that outstrip other market offerings and allow for rapid income generation at low entry thresholds. The Spot and Futures liquidity pools provide payouts to all participants in native platform CHNG tokens, ensuring full transparency and instantaneous transfers of rewards. Liquidity mining with Chainge is thus made easier than with any other service on the market, as users can claim the rewards directly by receiving them in their wallets in real-time, thanks to the convenient function that is accessible via the application in just a few clicks.

Users can withdraw their assets from the liquidity pools at any time, given the lack of any constricting timeframes or requirements that would otherwise limit the freedom of users’ asset movements. The use of the single token farming approach in the form of the Spot asset/TF-asset, means that users do not risk incurring impermanent losses.

The reason for the high APYs offered by the Chainge platform resides in its mechanism that involves the instantaneous distribution of rewards in native CHNG tokens, thus bypassing secondary markets and the need to find matching liquidity for making payouts. The use of a highly efficient AI arbitrage system set in place allows the platform to perform such operations, making it the ideal venue for traders and market participants seeking on-the-go solutions that fit their dynamic trading styles.


The Chainge platform offers a wide variety of trading pairs that users can provide liquidity in and match the pool that best suits their portfolio. The platform’s official website contains the full list of pairs for which the project offers higher-than-average and APYs, including for Futures, considerably exceeding market average rates. 

Anyone willing can place their assets into the Chainge liquidity pools, thus setting their portfolios to work for rewards generated in real-time. Such an approach is considerably more profitable and proactive than the widely accepted HODL strategy, which is highly risky, considering the rapid and oftentimes turbulent price fluctuations in the decentralized finance market. Chainge offers a low-risk solution for investment that is non-binding and attractive in terms of APYs that exceed those of any of its competitors. 

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Chainge DEX Liquidity pools and how you can start earning today by putting your assets to work, you can check out this in-depth article on Chainge’s medium channel.

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