Caviar: The Real-Estate Backed Project Offering Great Stability

In the ever volatile world of the Blockchain, there is need to diversify one’s portfolio. Real-estate backs caviar tokens and offers a predictive mode-powered diversification off the Blockchain. Caviar tokens are suitable for excellent for investors who need stability in a bear market.
Cryptocurrency are volatile assets and continuously fluctuates from bullish to bearish. Therefore it is essential to diversify your portfolio by investing more stable projects alongside regular crypto portfolios.
Caviar (CAV) is a dual purpose token and crowdfunding platform built on the Ethereum smart contracts. Caviar is a unique project like no other in the Blockchain ecosystem as it diversifies assets and stabilises assets off the Blockchain.
The  Caviar token generating event is live now and runs until January 31, 2018. The team have a target of generating $25 million in the TGE.
Caviar tokens offer access to income-producing real estate debt and fast-growing cryptocurrencies.
The team is taking a refreshingly different approach to the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies by touting built-in downside protection and automatic diversification.
Caviar is targeting both traditional and crypto investors and boasts of having a balanced system that suits all.
Safeguard your cryptocurrency Assets
Krill Bensonoff, a Caviar partner, said:

“I bought my first Bitcoin five years ago. So I’ve been as excited as the next crypto enthusiasts to see its value skyrocket in the last few months. I think more investors need to start rethinking their diversification strategies within crypto by taking a tokenising approach with other elements outside of crypto that is reliable and has sustained value.”

Caviar offers a diversification strategy that gives users a win-win situation always. If you ask Google how to diversify your crypto investments, it will bring various results. However, these results are too closely related to the crypto space.
The team believes that soon, investors will start combining crypto investments with something outside of crypto.
Caviar’s solution fits this bill by combining cryptocurrency investment with the real estate debt market.
Caviar is Pioneering the Crypto-Real Estate Investment
The token built on the Ethereum network provides holders with a diversified, minimal risk and data-driven platform. It takes advantage of both the Stability of Real estate and the liquidity and growth of digital assets. With this strategy, gives users a win-win situation. Caviar’s mission is to bring extra utility to token holders by enabling real estate developers to raise money for projects using a crowdfunding mechanism.
James Sowers, an ICO advisor, said:

“Diversification in various classes of crypto is the best strategy for the majority of institutional investors that will pile into space in 2018. By late 2018 real estate will become a major part of the crypto asset class. Caviar is at the forefront of the crypto real estate movement.”

Caviar uses a proprietary Intelligent Predictive Model (IPM) for crypto assets and crypto price forecasting for both long and short-term trends. This enhances predictability and asset allocation.
The Caviar IPM is based on artificial intelligence predictive algorithm based on a machine learning approach.
IPM uses historical data with qualitative and quantitative analysis, in combination with the underlying crypto assets, social signals, and trends. Information is automatically collected from various sources to make a market move in real time.
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