Caviar ICO Pre-Sale Oversold In 7 Days; Crowdsale Set To Launch


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The Blockchain technology has limitless possibilities. From aviation to medicine to countless other fields of endeavor, the Blockchain can be integrated to create super projects.

The Caviar team is a real estate company that has successfully managed a multi-million dollar real estate debt fund since 2013. Caviar is set to fuse cryptocurrency and real estate together in its token generation event. According to the Caviar team, the pre-sale exceeded expectations, raising approximately 1.5 million dollars.

The Caviar Crowdsale

On December 12, Caviar launched its Crowdsale project after it announced the end to its hugely successful goal-exceeding pre-sale that raised $1.5 million within a short period of 7 days.

Caviar is poised to create a unique and dual-purpose token and crowdfunding platform based on the Ethereum Blockchain.  One of the highlights of the Caviar token is offering investors access to an income-producing real estate debt and fast-growing cryptocurrencies with built-in downside protection and auto diversification.  

The Caviar team has an excellent track record of superbly managing substantial real estate debt fund since over four years and is now putting its existing, time-tested processes to work so that its token holders can start making profits with the financing of Caviar’s first real estate property in December 2017.

Caviar’s token generating event is slated to hold from January 31, 2018, and has set a target of raising $25 million in total.

In an interview with Bitcoinprbuzz, David Drake-  a Blockchain investment expert, Caviar advisor and Chairman of LDJ has said:”while there are immense profits to be made from the volatility of the market, investors of cryptocurrency are offered little in the way of real assets. Caviar has a compelling offering with a diversified approach that includes real estate.”

The Caviar Technology Model

Caviar uses an artificial intelligence (AI) powered approach and the Proprietary Intelligent Predictive Model (IPM) for crypto assets and crypto price forecasting for both bullish and bearish trends which makes the market more predictable and enhances asset allocation. As compared to other projects, Caviars IPM gives it an advantage. The caviar ICO also uses CAview to ensure transparency, and anonymous profit sharing and distribution.

As written on the company’s blog, Caviar will continue doing business in 2018 with its tested and trusted real estate partners.

Guy Neumann, one of Caviar’s partners, reiterated that:”For this new deal we will be working with a real estate developer with whom we have already financed several deals. Even though we know this developer and his work, we still approached the underwriting in the same way.

We reviewed his back and market analysis against ours and completed a home inspection prior to issuing an official commitment.”
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Disclosure: This is a sponsored article.

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