Cardano-based Cardalonia Debuts Staking Platform As It Sets To Release Playable Metaverse Avatars

Cardano-based Cardalonia Debuts Staking Platform As It Sets To Release Playable Metaverse Avatars

Cardalonia is a decentralized and fully configurable virtual environment where players may create, own, and personalize their own experiences while earning $LONIA, the Cardano utility coin.

Despite the negative market, the Cardano-based firm has attracted significant interest, as they were able to fill 30 percent of the current round allotment just days after announcing the commencement of their Lonia Token Sale. The Seed round is still open, and anyone interested may sign up here:

Cardalonia is fueled by $LONIA, a utility token that acts as the ecosystem’s native currency. Cardalonia is slated to be Cardano’s go-to metaverse project, with the Metaverse ecosystem expected to open in Q4 2022, according to its roadmap.

Cardalonia has also made its staking platform available.

This means that customers may instantly begin staking their tokens after purchasing them during the Seed Sale, and the tokens never leave their wallets. It’s the equivalent of putting ADA into a Cardano Stake Pool.


The inclusion of ADA Handle addresses on the staking leaderboard is another intriguing feature that has been enabled.

What Sets Cardalonia Apart From Other Metaverse Initiatives

Users who have $Lonia tokens will be able to purchase land, join a Clan, and experience the Cardalonia metaverse.

The Lonia Token Seed Sale is still going on, and interested investors can get Lonia Tokens at a discount before they are listed on an exchange by heading to the Lonia Token sale page. Individual investors will be able to purchase tokens in three waves, totaling 50 million.

The price of a single Lonia token is fixed at 13 Lonia tokens for 1 ADA.

A minimum purchase of 250 ADA is required, with a maximum purchase of 20,000 ADA permitted. So far, almost 300,000 ADA has been raised, with the sales round ending in 22 days.

The Cardalonia official website includes a quick guide on how to buy Lonia Tokens as well as complete Tokenomics.