Cardalonia Commences $LONIA Token Seed Sale With 10% Of Tokens Sold Out In Hours

Cardano-Based Metaverse Cardalonia Announces Upcoming Launch Of New Play-To-Earn Project

The Cardalonia metaverse platform has launched the token seed sale of its utility token $LONIA, with 10% of LONIA tokens having sold in just hours. The sale is still live and interested persons can participate through the platform’s website.

Importantly, the rise of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has brought to glory the age of the metaverse. These platforms have proven quite useful in fostering community engagement.

Cardalonia, a medieval age-themed metaverse platform, is built on the Cardano blockchain. The game offers a fun and interactive experience in a virtual world. Other than collecting virtual 3D NFT avatars, gamers get to purchase land and take part in other events for a chance to earn rewards. Cardalonia is unique compared to other metaverse projects on the network since its LONIA token automatically grants holders multiple access to the Cardalonia ecosystem, in the same manner as a whitelist for staking, governance, or purchasing plots of land.

In the past few weeks, the game has seen immense growth in popularity owing to its uniqueness, great utility, and committed team, among other characteristics.

Of note, the platform revolves around clans, marketplace, tokenomics, roadmap, utility, and how to purchase LONIA tokens, to mention a few. All players belong to a certain clan, and each of these is accorded a resource bonus of diamonds, gold, silver, wood, or food.

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On Cardalonia, players get to enjoy a variety of NFT utilities. The game also features a leading assets marketplace where users can list and trade their Cardalonia-based collectibles. The market is currently under development, and once released, it will enable gamers to acquire land, trade Avatars, obtain power-ups, or purchase gems.

The $LONIA token has a maximum supply of 100,000, with a strict lock policy. More tokens, can, therefore, not be minted. Per tokenomics, 14% of the total has been allocated to the Cardalonia development team, while 6% is being directed to marketing and partnerships. Additionally, 20% will be distributed as staking rewards. The greater portion, that is, 50% of the total will be sold in three rounds. Note that the seed sale price of the token is 14 LONIA tokens going for the price of 1 ADA. The token seed sale is still ongoing and interested investors can participate through the LONIA token sale page.

From the above, it is clear Cardalonia has extensive tokenomics, high-grade NFTs, a dedicated marketplace, a detailed roadmap, and a committed team working around the clock to improve the platform.