Can InQubeta Step In To Save AI Crypto Coins?

Can InQubeta Step In To Save AI Crypto Coins?

In unfortunate news, based on the concerns raised by Jason Yanowitz (co-founder of @blockworks_) about the CryptoGPT project, several red flags exist.

One notable issue is the inconsistency in the website’s CEO/Founder’s title. Initially listed as the CEO/Founder, Jamila Jelani’s position later changed to “marketer.” Furthermore, her claim of leading growth campaigns at Alibaba raises suspicions since her LinkedIn profile was only created last month, making it difficult to verify her credentials.

The credibility of the project’s CTO, Dejan Erja, has also been questioned. Despite claiming to have worked at Ripple Net, no concrete evidence of his connection with Ripple could be found. Additionally, the lack of activity on his LinkedIn profile and the limited number of mutual connections raise doubts about his professional background.

The claims made by CryptoGPT are equally dubious. Despite launching just a few months ago, the project allegedly boasts two million users, a highly improbable figure. Moreover, the claimed valuation of $250 million appears overly inflated, especially in the current market conditions.

Lastly, perhaps one of the most concerning aspects mentioned by Yanowitz is the claim of offering 30-day fully refundable NFTs. This promise seems highly suspicious and potentially illegal, as it implies the possibility of keeping the NFT and receiving a full refund, effectively allowing users to profit without any downside risk.

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Considering these various factors, potential users must exercise caution and thoroughly research the legitimacy and credibility of the CryptoGPT project before engaging with it. The numerous inconsistencies, unverifiable claims, and questionable practices raise significant doubts about its authenticity.

Introducing InQubeta: Revolutionizing AI Start-up Investment with $QUBE Tokens

So, who exactly is going to save AI crypto?

Welcome to InQubeta, the gateway to the world’s first crypto crowdfunding platform that unlocks fractional opportunities in AI start-ups using $QUBE tokens.

The project is here to shake things up, redefine how AI start-ups raise funds, and create a vibrant community of forward-thinking users.

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional methods and join them on a journey of innovation and growth. InQubeta’s NFT marketplace allows AI start-ups to raise funds and offer enticing reward and equity-based NFTs. And as a holder of $QUBE tokens, you gain exclusive access to these opportunities, creating a truly symbiotic ecosystem.

What makes $QUBE tokens so unique? They’re not your average digital asset. They’ve been designed to be deflationary, ensuring that your acquisitions have the potential to skyrocket over time. Every buy-and-sell transaction incurs a 2% tax, sent straight to a burning wallet, reducing the token supply and driving up its value. A 5% sell tax fuels a dedicated reward pool, allowing you to earn rewards simply by staking your $QUBE tokens.

Plus, infusing in AI start-ups isn’t just about profits; it’s about being part of a movement shaping the future. By joining forces with InQubeta and embracing $QUBE tokens, you’re not only supporting the growth and success of these start-ups but also contributing to the advancement of AI technology that can transform countless aspects of our lives.

There is also the issue of governance. $QUBE token holders wield the power to propose, discuss, and vote on platform-related matters. InQubeta values input and believes that the best decisions are made collectively. The platform has created a space where every token holder has a say and can help shape the future direction of InQubeta.

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In addition, the platform has big plans for the future. By Q1 of 2024, they’re going multichain, expanding horizons beyond a single blockchain platform. This creates a truly diverse and accessible ecosystem that spans multiple chains, bringing even more exciting opportunities and the chance to explore the boundless world of AI start-ups.

InQubeta aims to disrupt the status quo, reshape the landscape, and empower both AI start-ups. They are embarking on a journey that allows users to become part of a community revolutionising AI technology’s future.

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