Bware Labs Makes It High-Performance Decentralized Node Network Available to the Public

Bware Labs Makes It High-Performance Decentralized Node Network Available to the Public

Bware Labs, a decentralized infrastructure that provides an interface between Blockchain APIs consumers and node providers, has released the MVP for its platform.

According to the announcement, Bware labs has finally shared the MVP with the public or otherwise referred to as a functional prototype. This new development will allow users to set up a dedicated node endpoint within the short time possible, allowing them access to blockchain data through 0RPC or WS APIs.

Notably, this new release will allow the end-user to connect to the app through a MetaMask wallet. The end-users will also generate dedicated endpoints to interact with Valanxce, Ethereum mainnets, or Binance Smart Chain.

The process is simple and will require a user just four clicks, taking about 30 seconds. While the product is free to use, a maximum of three endpoints can be generated for each MetaMask wallet. These endpoints include one Avalanche, one Ethereum, and one BSC.

Commenting on the Bware Labs release, Nicholas Mussallem, Ava Labs Head of Product, stated:


“As an advisor of Bware Labs, I am very pleased with the progress the team is making towards releasing a fully decentralized API platform. But, more importantly, I am very eager for the Avalanche ecosystem to have this easy-to-use and extremely convenient option of gaining access to blockchain data. I truly believe this will streamline development efforts on various blockchains, which ultimately will lead to increased adoption.” 

In the initial stages of this release, nodes will be provided by Bware Labs. However, Bware Labs will reportedly create a two-sided market of node providers and consumers once the platform reaches maturity. By doing so, Bware Labs hope to make a decentralized alternative to Infura or Alchemy. 

So far, the platform boast of having half the latency of equivalent free plans to its competitors while at the safe time offering a choice from more supported blockchains.

The MVP release will also entail having node providers staking the native tokens to guarantee reliability in the Bware ecosystem. However, one thing to note is that these tokens will be susceptible to slashing if the node underperforms. The platform will allow node providers to accept delegations and share reward fees with delegators to reach the required stake. Currently, Bware Labs is the only platform that allows this. 

Flavian Manea, Bware Labs Co-Founder, and CEO explained:

“Running blockchain nodes is critical to ensure the security of the network, but without a proper incentive structure in place, especially in the PoW-based Ethereum, centralization occurs naturally as only major ecosystem players can devote resources for hosting nodes.”