BW Exchange to List Quantum Resistant Blockchain-Based ILC Сoin

BW Exchange to List Quantum Resistant Blockchain-Based ILC Сoin

Effective April 25th, 2019, BW Exchange users will be presented with new trading opportunities via ILCoin’s listing on the China-based cryptocurrency exchange.

The quantum resistant blockchain project ILCoin will begin trading on BW Exchange as of April 25th. Following a brief hiatus from trading on exchanges so as to update its source code, ILCoin has forked and relisted on numerous crypto exchanges.

The ground-breaking quantum resistant blockchain project has resumed trading its ILC coin on the platforms on which it was previously listed as well as reached agreements to be tradable on many other international cryptocurrency exchanges – demonstrating the project’s unwavering commitment to growth.  

By listing its coin on the Chinese BW Exchange, ILCoin aims to expand its presence in Asia while partnering with an ambitious, tech-forward exchange partner. The exchange provides a good outlet through which the project can gain user adoption and incremental investors.

ILCoin, the Quantum Resistant Blockchain Project


The ILCoin project is focused on driving the technological progress in the crypto and blockchain industry via its innovative C2P (Command Chain Protocol) – a quantum resistant blockchain consensus algorithm, effectively future-proofing the ILCoin blockchain against the threat of quantum computing.

Other than future threats, ILCoin’s C2P also offers protection against the risk of 51% attacks, which is something no other consensus algorithm currently present on the market can promise in its entirety.

The project stands for reliable technology and one of their strong points is that they have placed their source code on Github, where anyone with technological understanding can take a look and offer criticism of improvement advice.

ILCoin also offers cloud- and platform-based wallets for Android, OSX, and PC users. Furthermore, users can take advantage of the company’s proprietary block explorer to keep track of their transactions.

What Is BW Exchange?

BW Exchange is a prominent cryptocurrency exchange based in China. Founded in 2017, BW Exchange is the first POS mining community and digital asset contract exchange based on a mining pool.

The exchange decided on its brand name as “B” stands for “bit”, the smallest unit of measurement from an information technology context. This component of the brand name is intended to represent the blockchain technology upon which all of its listed digital assets are based. Similarly, the “W” simultaneously represents both “world” – to symbolize BW’s vision of creating a diverse and self-governing community through digital assets – and “wealth” – portraying the exchange’s goal of sharing its achievements with its users and investors via innovative business models, leading technologies, and the participation of global communities.

According to reports on CoinMarketCap, processes nearly $760 million USD in trading volume. The exchange has both an iOS and Android app with cutting-edge security and reliability for beginner and advanced traders and investors alike.

ILCoin Continues to Gradually Expand its Presence on the Market

As ILCoin persists in striking new partnership deals with leading cryptocurrency exchanges around the world, the quantum-resistant blockchain project will undoubtedly position itself as a strong contender for mass cryptocurrency adoption.

With its technology-oriented outlook and the talented and experienced team of blockchain and business professionals, ILCoin is spearheading the advancement of blockchain technology onto a new level.

To learn more about the project and keep up-to-date with its new developments and listings, you can check out ILCoin’s website or join its Telegram community.

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