BTC-E Releases 6th Update On how Funds Will be Claimed

BTC-e still down

Days after releasing a public notice that 45% of the exchange`s account balances have being seized by the US authorities and that customers will now be repaid in BTE tokens.

BTC-E has posted the 6th update on bits media forum that was as usual written in the Russian language BTC-E stated that for each currency will be recalculated based on the currently available assets.

At the moment, 55% of available funds, so 55% will be in foreign currency, while 45% will be recalculated in a particular token currency.

And that tokens for all the currencies will be open for free trading on a seperate page and can be traded at any price but will not be more than their face value.

BTC-E has also pledged to buy all tokens and that the tokens can also be sold to other users and get currency or to wait and exchange tokens at face value.


For example, you had 1 BTC. You will receive 0.55 BTC and 0.45 BTCT. 0.55 BTC, you can withdraw immediately. The remaining 0.45 BTCT you can either be exchanged for BTC at the market rate, or wait to exchange their nominal value.