BSCTrades Launches Wide Trading Tools With Real-time Data Analysis

BSCTrades Launches Comprehensive Trading Tools With Real-time Data Analysis

BSCTrades, an all-in-one trading platform designed on the Binance Smart Chain, has launched comprehensive trading tools that provide all types of traders with a real-time data analysis platform.

As the cryptocurrency market continues to grow through the bull market, there has been a notable gap in a general trading tool for retail traders. BSCTrades anticipates acting as a link between the cryptocurrency market and all types of traders. Moreover, these tools will ramp up trading activities on the Binance smart chain.

Binance as an ecosystem has played a critical role in the ongoing bull market that has seen stiff competition with the Ethereum ecosystem. As the Ethereum ecosystem suffers a low throughput and high transaction fees due to network congestion, the Binance ecosystem enjoys entirely the opposite. 

Decentralized financial ecosystem developers and investors using the scalable Binance smart chain can now tap on the powerful BSCTrades tools. “On the BSC trading platform, traders can analyze trades, develop strategies and utilize trading bots for effective trading,” the firm noted in a press release.

According to the firm, the new trading platform offers astounding features that are designed to ease the daily life of a trader. Some of the notable features include a real-time chart. Besides, the BSCTrades trading tools provide the trader with multiple device compatibility, hence capable of performing a better analysis through different comparisons.


Notably, the firm announced that the platform offers modern comprehensive trading tools that any cryptocurrency trader can relate to. Moreover, the BSCTrades platform provides a launchpad for upcoming projects in the BSC space.

One of the notable compiled trading tools includes a Pool Explorer to help users search for new pools, add or remove liquidity in a pair, find the best gems and avoid scam projects. Other notable trading tools on the platform include a pair explorer, a launchpad, a loyalty airdrop, and trending projects.

“The platform is not just limited to BSC traders in fact with a launchpad and IDO integrated into the system it also becomes quite a prominent attraction for investors in different decentralized projects as well. Investors and projects accepted profit extensively from the ecosystem’s services and benefits,”.

BSCTrades has a native token dubbed BSCDT, which is a utility token on the platform.

20,000 BSCDT tokens in the circulating supply were distributed amongst the community members.