Brokerage company Gerchik & Со Unveils Updates!

Brokerage company Gerchik & Со Unveils Updates!

Brokerage company Gerchik & Со presented the improved Personal Account and MetaTrader 5 professional trading terminal.

Evolvement and continuous improvement of cooperation terms offered to the customers lie at the heart of the Gerchik & Co’s stable and high-quality operation.

Gerchik & Co is a broker founded by traders with traders in mind. This is why it understands that a comprehensive trading approach is exactly what helps customers succeed in financial markets. The company ensures transparent trading terms and conditions and does not have any restrictions on the profit turnover and position holding duration. Aside from that, the brokerage company offers state-of-the-art software solutions designed to help maximize profits and protect the deposit, creates educational courses, and hosts free webinars featuring various experts.

Gerchik & Co offers over 370 trading assets which include currency pairs, CFDs on world’s top companies and popular cryptocurrencies.

The company updated its personal account, having made it even more user-friendly, straightforward, and sleek. The newly-added features simplify the trader’s experience with the personal account.


Please welcome the new personal account with: 

● Improved sleek interface.

● Smart navigation with quick access buttons.

● The new level of security. The authorization history is now available, allowing to see when and what IP addresses access the personal account.

● Quick and effortless switch between the trader’s personal account and the partner’s personal account.

● An enhanced analytical system that helps partners to track down clicks on referral links and sort the data using remuneration/campaign/attracted clients and other parameters.

● Improved analytics for traders regarding each account. You can now find out the features and data of the service, trading, investment, and affiliate accounts, as well as view the balance transactions with just one click.

● A simple system to keep track of investors’ money flows and more illustrative investment statistics.

Customers can download MetaTrader 5 in their personal accounts. This is a cutting-edge trading platform with enhanced features, an extensive set of timeframes, graphic objects, and built-in indicators. On top of that, there is no limit on the trading robots and expert advisers you can install in the trading platform. MetaTrader 5 can be installed on computers, mobile devices, and tablets.

Gerchik & Со takes the comfort of its traders, investors, and partners very seriously. Everyone can check out the changes on the company’s website.

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