Brokerage and Risk Management Firm, Formosa Financial Announces Client Onboarding Q4 2018 Mithril Client #1

Brokerage and Risk Management Firm, Formosa Financial Announces Client Onboarding Q4 2018 Mithril Client #1

Formosa Financial, a brokerage and management firm have been working round the clock in the development of a one-stop digital asset platform. The project has been at the forefront of the company, after its completion of the private round funding in May 2018.

Redefining and Developing the Platform

In its bid to become a household name in the industry, the company reiterated its commitment to making available, a single point of entry to custodial, brokerage and risk management services, with the determination to work towards achieving its roadmap goals and start announcing the first batch of committed clients in Q4 2018.
The company has carefully selected the first set of committed clients through a fair and transparent process. The process will determine the clients that will help refine, test and develop the platform and its services.
Formosa signified that all their clients are paramount and honorable in every sphere, but they are happy to announce Mithril as their number one client.
The Chief Executive Officer of Formosa Financial Ryan Terribilini. Recently said :

‘’Jeffery’s knowledge of blockchain coupled with Mithril being such a large established project means a great amount of feedback and use cases for us to refine and develop our platform’’

Choosing Mithril is not so hard, this is due to the relationship that exists between the two organizations.
With their Lit social mining app, the firm affirmed its position as a  major player in the industry and coupled with the launch of its vault, Mithril cemented its role as a leader in the ever competitive crypto market.
Corroborating the statement of Formosa, the founder of Mithril Jeffery Huang stated:

‘’The Formosa Financial platform addresses a major market need for projects that don’t want to waste time worrying about treasury management of their crypto. I’m excited for Mithril, to be a VIP client so we can focus on building great social and tech experiences rather than the market movements.’’

Private Beta Services

Custodial Services: Clients will have the privilege to access institutional level custodian solutions for digital assets, this will be made possible through the collaboration with one of the biggest custodial providers.
That’s not all; there are also other exciting packages that clients will benefit from in the partnership.
Risk and Treasury Management: the partnership will give the clients the opportunity to access borrowing and other financial services that are available to help the client.

More on Formosa Financial

Formosa Financial is a brokerage and management firm based in Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan. It is an experienced team that aims to help digital asset holders and innovators solve some of the major pain points they encounter by offering them a one-stop digital asset management platform.
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