BLOCKv Collaborates with Ben & Jerry’s to Commemorate Its 10th Anniversary with Vatom-Powered Campaign

BLOCKv Collaborates with Ben & Jerry’s to Commemorate Its 10th Anniversary with Vatom-Powered Campaign

As part of plans to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Ben & Jerry’s, an Australian ice cream firm, BLOCKv has launched a Vatom-powered virtual ice cream hunt campaign for the company.

The augmented reality Vatom-powered virtual ice cream hunt is in a bid to give the company’s Asia Pacific customers an exciting, while also celebrating the firm’s achievements in the past 10 years.

Fans of Ben & Jerry’s in Australia and parts of New Zealand will able to hunt for thousands of Vatom prizes and these prizes will, in turn, be exchanged for free ice cream cones and treats, plus a chance to win one year supply of the exquisite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream at supported stores.

The virtual ice cream hunt campaign is made possible by Vatoms, BLOCKv’s blockchain-based digital objects technology which utilizes V (VEE) cryptocurrency to create an interactive AR experience. 

Starting from November 29 to December 22, 2019, various kinds of redeemable Vatom treats will be placed at numerous Ben & Jerry’s stores in Australia and New Zealand.


Customers around this region can participate in the virtual ice cream hunt by visiting straight from their mobile phones.

During the campaign, Vatoms will be dropped at high-football locations near Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops, as well as at Hoyts cinema locations, enabling participants to search for the virtual ice creams and take them to retail locations for redemption. 

What’s more, participants will also receive an instant win “grand prize draw” Vatom which could give them a chance to win a year’s supply of Ben Jerry’s ice cream.

Montse Castells, Head of Retail at Ben & Jerry’s Asia & New Markes said:

“At Ben & Jerry’s, we always seek out fresh and exciting ways to engage our passionate and digitally savvy fanbase. Our close collaboration with BLOCKv will help us to deliver a fun experience to our fans in Australia and New Zealand and hopefully to other parts of the region in the future.” 

Ben & Jerry’s campaign engagement will be done via social media and in-store promotion in Australia and New Zealand.

Each Vatom prize is a unique and scarce ERC-721 non-fungible token powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

The BLOCKv distributed ledger technology project provides developers with a development platform loaded with a complete set of APIs, robust tools and training they need to emit digital objects in the form of NFTs on the blockchain.