Blockchain and Fintech Heavyweights Launch International Digital Exchange (IDAXC)


The Blockchain ‘big whales’ took to Davos conclave to mark the official launch of the IDAXC. The body will take charge of the emergent field of marrying and optimizing cryptocurrencies to quantifiable assets.
The launch of IDAXC at “Blockchain Central”, a blockchain hub in Davos, built by the Global Blockchain Business Council GBBC The event signaled the beginning of a new era that will separate the ‘asset-backed’ cryptocurrencies (Blockchain 3.0) from the non-asset backed ones.
The not-for-profit will massively promote industry adoption of cryptocurrency, asset-tokenization standards; and best regulatory standards in both asset-digitization and asset-exchange, globally.
If everything goes as planned, IDAXC will empower the owners of any kind of real asset to rapidly ‘tokenize’ and trade such asset, while completely complying with all relevant laws including KYC and AML.
The Chairman of IDAXC, Eric Van Der Kleij, is the creator of London’s Level39 Fintech hub and a one time CEO of the UK government Tech city initiative. He is also part of the brains behind the creation of the UK Fintech trade body innovative finance.
The Centre for Digital Revolution ( plays active roles in Fintech and blockchain projects in the U.K and Switzerland; and will be one of the pioneers of IDAXC, with other interested parties like ACChain and Hong Kong-based Courage Investment Group Ltd.(HK1145).
David White, a former director of Innovation at RBS and founder of and Kusiri(sold to PwC). He will be Head of Policy.
Eric Van der Kleij said:

” Today we are sharing the aims and ambitions of IDAXC, and also seeking feedback from a small group of interested parties representing startups, banks, academia, and some of the most experienced people active in the emerging field of Real-Asset Digitization.
The growth of common cryptocurrencies is admittedly huge, with a combined market cap of $500Bn in an industry that simply wasn’t there just a few years ago.
However, when you take the power of cryptocurrencies built on decentralized Blockchain and underpin them with trusted Real Asset Digitization delivered via shared standards set by a worldwide community of members, the potential is just so much larger.”

The Mission
IDAXC is here to drive common best practices across real-asset digitization and related token exchanges.
IDAXC works with everyone in the ecosystem to create voluntary standards that represent best practices relating to the issuing, trading, and exchange of real digital assets.
IDAXC trains members on a wide variety of disciplines within the digital asset community including KYC, AML, asset tokenization and more.
IDAXC works with members of the Finance sector, regulators and digital asset community all over the world. To promote best practices and drive the adoption of digital assets into the mainstream economy.
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Twitter: @idaxcouncil
C4DR in Brief
C$DR is an international digital foundry based in U.K. it harnesses the critical technologies of the modern industrial revolution.
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Twitter: @C4DR_HQ
ACChain in Brief
ACCoin is the native currency of the ACChain platform. It is the Swiss Army Knife of alt-coins.
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