BitXmi Successfully Lists Its BXMI Utility Token On CoinTiger and CoinPayments

BitXmi Successfully Lists Its BXMI Utility Token On CoinTiger and CoinPayments

BitXmi, a Singaporean exchange, recently announced that it listed its token, BXMI, on two crypto exchanges. These exchanges are CoinTiger and CoinPayments. This adds to the growing list of platforms that have already listed this token. BXMI token is also listed on Uniswap.

BitXmi recently rebranded by upgrading the UX of its website and also releasing its white paper. Having its token listed on these two exchanges marks a big achievement in the operations of the exchange.

With a strong first market response to the release of the tokens and designed to power the BitXmi exchange protocols, the response from investors since the listings has not only been encouraging but will lead to further announcements of exchange-token listings in the coming weeks.

Having the BXMI token listed on these two global exchanges will drive investor confidence in the exchange. There will also be a renewed focus on BitXmi as it positions itself as an international exchange.

Introducing the BitXmi Exchange – Providing crypto trading clarity and increasing global adoption of cryptocurrencies


Having gained approval to be officially listed on both CoinPayments and CoinTiger, the BXMI utility token sale on these and other exchanges are aimed at launching the innovative BitXmi exchange.

As the BXMI token is now available on global exchanges, the aim is for the BitXmi exchange to bridge the gap between market uncertainty and trading clarity by offering a simple to use and secure exchange that can not only create a wider awareness of crypto trading and its benefits but also promote the take-up and use of cryptocurrency in everyday life.

BXMI – Powering the future of crypto trading

Powered by the BXMI token and with ambitious plans to expand, BitXmi has announced its future growth plans including an initial exchange offering (IEO) platform and arbitrage options to augment its offering of spot, margin, contract, and over-the-counter trading solutions. Secure and easy to access at any time, users can enjoy third-party auditing and reporting as well as behavioral awareness technology to ensure that trades are safe and secure.

With fast transactions, Know Your Customer (KYC) and low trading fees of 0.1%, as well as a high withdrawal limit, BitXmi is designed to make crypto trading accessible to all in a simple and secure way. Whether you are new to crypto or an experienced trader, BXMI offers you a unique opportunity to be a part of a new crypto trading community.

About BitXmi: BitXmi is a Singapore-based company listed on the Singapore Companies House and fully regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). With the increase of centralized exchanges, BitXmi plans to stand out and be the leading exchange for centralized crypto platforms. BitXmi’s primary goal is to create awareness of crypto-economics and bridge the gap of uncertainty through understanding, simplicity, and secure access to crypto trading. For more information, please visit the website.