BitTok launches Super Fission Plan to provide users with more diversified asset allocation options

BitTok launches Super Fission Plan to provide users with more diversified asset allocation options

As a user-focused exchange, BitTok is committed to discovering the new value dimension of the blockchain world and enabling all participants to achieve value growth on the BitTok platform. BitTok has officially launched the Super Fission Plan on July 1, 2020, Singapore time to provide users with more diversified asset allocation options.

Rewards boost user value growth

The BitTok Super Fission Program has launched a high amount of event rewards, providing new asset allocation options for loyal users of the platform and ensuring the growth of user value. Users can deposit BTOK tokens and get double BTOK tokens after a certain period of time. By participating in super promotion ambassadors activity and sharing activity at the same time, you can get up to 9 BTOK commission rebates.

Mechanism design guarantee activities proceed smoothly

As a type of BTOK mining machine, Super Fission Plan has designed a perfect operation mechanism to ensure the smooth progress of activities. The total amount of the Super Fission Plan in this stage is 360,000 BTOK, each group containing 180 BTOK, and there are a total of 2,000 groups. Users can deposit without limit, the more they deposits, the more return they will get. After depositing for 7 days, BTOK will be released. One piece will be released every day. After 360 days of release, double return will be obtained.


Traffic concentration, platform value rises

The BitTok Super Fission Plan provides the platform with a more diversified asset allocation method, better meets the heterogeneous asset allocation needs of different users, and expands the platform’s user base. With the plentiful promotion plan, the potential of the platform is further stimulated, ensuring the liquidity of the platform. On one hand, it strengthens the platform’s value discovery function and protects the user’s return. On the other hand, high traffic brings more good projects, further enriches the platform’s asset allocation options, and the value of the platform will realize a qualitative leap.

BitTok is a new global intelligent management platform for digital assets. Its core functions integrate storage, transaction and value-added. BitTok builds an efficient, transparent, fair, and win-win global digital asset trading ecosystem. It is committed to using blockchain-centric technology clusters, designing innovative financial products and value-added plans, and taking a series of financial-level risks. The circumvention measures solve the double-sided contradiction of digital asset investment, that is, the risk and return are the same, and achieve a solid guarantee through technology, team, and ecological closed loop, with user value as the core competitiveness, and create value for global digital asset users.

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