BitTok Debuts Super Promotion Ambassador Program

BitTok Debuts Super Promotion Ambassador Program

From the perspective of promoting user trust and wealth growth, BitTok is committed to creating substantial value growth for global digital asset users. In order to promote the long-term development of BitTok and give back to loyal users of the platform, BitTok launched the Super Promotion Ambassador Program on July 1, 2020, Singapore time.

Plentiful activities and high rewards

Super promotion ambassadors are divided into four tiers, namely one-star promotion ambassador, two-star promotion ambassador, three-star promotion ambassador, and four-star promotion ambassador. Users pledge different amounts of BTOK to become different tiers of promotion ambassadors, and can receive different proportions of rewards when participating in tasks or activities. In the task at this stage, users can get up to 15% promotion rewards by inviting friends to become super promotion ambassadors, or up to 9 BTOK promotion rewards by inviting friends to participate in the Super Fission Plan. Plentiful activities and high rewards ensure the benefits of loyal user participation, while further promoting the growth and development of the platform.

Discounts and revenue sharing

Revenue sharing has always been the operating philosophy of BitTok. For platform medal users, BitTok has launched different levels of discounts, from fruit trees to Grand Slam, eight levels to enjoy discounts from 10% to 80% pledge quantity reduction.

The unprecedented discount gave feedback to loyal users of the platform, contributed to revenue sharing and user value growth, further improved platform user stickiness, and guaranteed BitTok’s future development.

Private domain traffic, infinite energy

Through the continuous expansion of the Super Promotion Ambassador, the private domain traffic pool will continue to expand into a huge ecological traffic gathering platform, coupled with the huge energy of the token economy, the community size will continue to expand with the continuous promotion of the promotion ambassador program. With the continuous expansion of the platform community size, all users can obtain greater value from the expansion of the network scale, further promote the improvement of ecological value, and achieve a huge increase in user revenue.


BitTok is a new global intelligent management platform for digital assets. Its core functions integrate storage, transaction, and value-added. BitTok builds an efficient, transparent, fair, and win-win global digital asset trading ecosystem. It is committed to using blockchain-centric technology clusters, designing innovative financial products and value-added plans, and taking a series of financial-level risks.

The circumvention measures solve the double-sided contradiction of digital asset investment, that is, the risk and return are the same, and achieve a solid guarantee through technology, team, and ecological closed loop, with user value as the core competitiveness, and create value for global digital asset users.

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