BitRent Transforms the Rules in Construction Game


BitRent’s goal is to create a new world of cryptoeconomic relations. They are determined to raise both the bar and cryptocurrency capitalization as high as $10 trillion.
The world is changing. Things that were “new” a couple of years ago are old today. That’s why being in tune with up-to-date trends is what all of us really need. These days we open new horizons in Real Estate Market by creating a platform that will make construction process as transparent as the air.

This can be achieved only through the use of modern technologies, which in our case are RFID, BIM and IoT. If combined together, these three ingredients can prevent investments from consequences of human factor by letting investors to personally monitor and control all construction processes.

Investors will always stay updated on current progress as well as confident that all construction stages are concluded in a safe and effective manner. Let’s take some time and look at each piece of technology separately.

RFID  (Radio Frequency Identification system) plays a role of your personal monitoring assistant. With a help of radio signals you can keep track not only of whole buildings, but also of separate elements.

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is what makes not-yet-existing – real. It empowers architects and constructors with means to reproduce accurate digital versions of buildings and its structural elements.

BIM makes it possible to see not only motionless objects, but also functionality of separate structural parts of your interest. This technology can easily be applied during the following stages – planning, designing and construction itself. Moreover, BIM makes sure that all utilities (gas, water, electricity) find their proper places both in digital version of the building and a real one.

IoT (Internet of Things) takes construction process to the next level by introducing a total remote control function. This system unites all of construction processes including accurate calculation of expenses and meeting deadlines.

Monitoring construction process has never been that plain and simple. Be in control of all details thanks to this cutting-edge mix of technologies. Save money, time and energy while achieving real results in Real Estate Market.

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