BitPrime Facilitates Crypto Purchases via Credit Card Through Simplex Partnership

BitPrime Facilitates Crypto Purchases via Credit Card Through Simplex Partnership

BitPrime, a New Zealand-based cryptocurrency retailer, has announced a lucrative partnership with Simplex, a platform that facilitates digital asset acquisitions. As part of this partnership, users will be able to seamlessly purchase crypto via their credit and debit cards. 

Through this announcement, BitPrime is bridging a long-standing market gap that made it difficult for New Zealenders to use debit or credit cards when buying digital currencies. BitPrime lacked a viable solution for debit/credit card integration, whereas Simplex required a partnership that would put its top-notch crypto infrastructure services into the spotlight. 

BitPrime is already well-known as one of the best platforms to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in New Zealand. Simplex will further boost the platform’s popularity by providing users with a secure and fraud-free method of purchasing digital assets. BitPrime expects its customers to embrace support for additional payment methods, especially since debit and credit card purchases represented a highly-requested feature throughout the company’s three-year operations. With Simplex, BitPrime customers are accessing the services of a reputable and trustworthy third party that’s well known for its transparent and secure business practices.

The partnership between BitPrime and Simplex has been announced at the right time, just as the bitcoin trading volume is reaching new heights, following the fully-fledged bull run towards the NZD 30,000 mark. 

As mentioned above, this integration will drastically reduce fraud attempts. This is possible thanks to Simplex’s artificial intelligence integrations, which actively analyse payment risks and blocks fraudsters. While payment issues are unlikely to occur, on the off chance they do, users are provided with 24/7 support from a well-trained customer service staff. Customers throughout the world must bear in mind that BitPrime facilitates crypto purchases of as little as $100. 


In a recent press statement, BitPrime’s CEO, Ross Carter-Brown, mentioned that: “We’re taking cryptocurrency to the world. Our new credit card payment gateway allows us to service customers from 178 different countries. We know that New Zealand is a desirable jurisdiction to do business for many people, especially for financial services. That’s due to our strong personal property protections, political stability, and low corruption. Our partnership with Simplex is a crucial piece of infrastructure that will help meet that demand”. 

The founder and CEO of Simplex, Nimrod Lehavi, has also issued an official statement: Simplex gives anyone, anywhere the ability to buy any digital assets easily and securely (…) Our partnership with BitPrime empowers millions to onramp conveniently, using their bank cards.”

More information about the recent partnership can be found here

Overview of BitPrime

BitPrime is a top-ranking cryptocurrency trading platform that’s owned and operated in New Zealand. The team is keen on ensuring that users can access professional trading services, alongside a free knowledge base, technical support, and decision-making assistance for both novice and experienced traders.

Overview of Simplex

Simplex has acted as a well-known disruptor of crypto on/off ramps, starting from 2014. As part of its service catalog, Simplex features a risk-free and next-gen global fiat onramp that’s usable via credit and debit cards. So far, Simplex has collaborated with multiple prominent names in the crypto sphere, thanks to its service quality and zero chargeback guarantee. In 2020, the licensed EU financial institution has ranked as one of the most impactful blockchain firms.