Bitmora Set to Revolutionize the Crypto Trading ecosystem


The Bitmora fundraiser has been a success so far therefore the team has announced it would launch its massive crypto trading platform in Q2 of this year. Bitmora exchange will provide a live phone support, enterprise trading tools as well as very cheap fees.
Bitmora is based in San Diego California. The exchange is focused on providing excellent trading services as well contributing to the forward movement of blockchain technology by going round the world educating people on the benefits of having a decentralized financial system.
The chairman and CEO of Bitmora, Colton Brister said:

“Education is key for Blockchain right now. Many people have heard of it but still don’t understand exactly what it is or the opportunities it provides. Bitmora will offer a full education platform, featuring lectures and interactive courses led by certified Blockchain developers.”

He also added that the platform will offer in-depth trading lessons as well as risk management and technical analysis lessons.
The Bitmora exchange can handle over 1 million transactions per second and will increase after its successful launch. Orders are executed at lightning fast speed. Apart from these great features, the Bitmora platform will be the first to offer real time phone support to customers.
Colton Brister reiterated that:

“The fact that you can operate as a Money Services Business with the authority to lock up your customers funds and then deny them the right to a simple phone call is unacceptable. We want our customers to call us if they have an issue with their account. Our dedicated support team will be there to assist them every step of the way to resolution.”

Bitmora is different from the other firms in the crypto arena in that it has no coin to sell neither is it running an ICO. It raised its funds through a public campaign where interested investors send in money and are promised revenues based on the amount contributed as well as Bitmora’s exchange volume.
All contributors will have access to the beta version of the platform irrespective of the amount contributed.
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