Bitcoin Investor and Enthusiast Charlie Shrem is Now Part Of Particl Advisory Team

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particl is an open source and a decentralized peer-to-peer platform created for privacy and security, using the Blockchain distributed ledger technology.

Particl has made it known in their announcement, that Charlie Shrem, a Bitcoin pioneer, and Cryptocurrency Entrepreneur is now a member of its advisory board.

Charlie Shrem is Bitcoin Juggernaut with a history of starting up and nurturing successful firms within the cryptocurrency ecosystem and other fields of endeavor.

Charlie Shrem is one of the people who started Bitcoin foundation and also he Co-founded  BitInstant in 2011. In its hay days, BitInstant made it possible for bitcoin investors to efficiently exchange their fiat money for Bitcoin and vice versa. BitInstant’s Partnership with MoneyGram, made it easy for people to buy bitcoin with fiat deposits at over 700,000 outlets in the United States.

“I’m excited to be working with Particl, As I see privacy, fungibility, and ease of use, the main pillars for any crypto. What if there were no needles in the haystack.?” Said  Charlie Shrem.

At present, Charlie Shrem also works as development advisor at Changelly, an expert cryptocurrency exchange that helps customers exchange their cryptocurrency for another, in a lightening fast and seamless way.

Changelly also supports fiat payments and provides its customers with a top-notch secure and private crypto exchange.

Charlie has always loved projects that focus on giving freedom back to users by crushing third party and privacy setbacks , and this means Charlie Shrem and Particl is a fantastic combination because Particl’s vision is to foster an entirely independent, decentralized economy and  also provide a sustainable ecosystem for collaboration and innovation that empowers peers across different Blockchain projects, while respecting their rights to privacy and freedom.

Particl is built on the Bitcoin Blockchain distributed ledger technology, not Ethereum, unlike most startups. The Bitcoin Blockchain gives the Particl platform privacy and highly secure layers of enhancement with the latest blockchain code (0.15.1).  No other ICO project has used the latest Bitcoin Blockchain code, that offers Confidential Transactions(CT) and Ring Confidential Transactions. (RingCT).

Particl has created its Blockchain which allows intrinsic value to be layered onto their utility token (PART) through voting rights, governance control or passive income with proof-of-stake consensus.

Presently, Particl is putting the finishing touches to its decentralized marketplace that will make it possible for users to spend and earn PART token but will not be exclusive to users of Particl alone.

The founder of the Particl project, Ryno Mathee, has expressed gratitude over the newest member of their team in Charlie Shrem. The Particl Chief reiterated:

“We are excited to get some input from an industry heavyweight. Charlie’s influence will help us to grow tremendously.”

About Particl

Particl is a self-sustaining project through the Particl foundation, a Zug based nonprofit organization. Particl’s privacy token along with its upcoming marketplace places will create an independent, decentralized economy.
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