Bitcoin Interest Surges On Google As Searches Hit Rocket High Levels

Data Shows Heightened Correlation Between Bitcoin Price and Google Searches

2019 has been a bit of a rollercoaster year not just for the crypto market in general, but also for Bitcoin in particular. The world’s leading digital currency has had a number of amazing days but has also had extremely disappointing times as well. Regardless, current sentiments seem to be reasonably improving with the possibility of even better times ahead, based on worldwide interest.

According to data from Google Trends, worldwide searches for Bitcoin has now climbed and secured its highest spot in three months. The statistics show the five countries where Bitcoin has been searched the most with Africans taking the lead.

Bitcoin Interest Surges On Google As Searches Hit Rocket High Levels

The countries include Nigeria, Brazil, Ghana, Austria, and South Africa. At the moment, Bitcoin is trading just a little over $9,300 after the recent gigantic rally. The last time interest levels were this high was back in August when Bitcoin was trading at $11,962.

While Bitcoin seems to be back on track and slowly gaining traction, blockchain technology in general, has not been left behind. Recently, Chinese President Xi Jinping publicly called for the country to accept blockchain technology and take advantage of all the possibilities that it brings.


Since the president’s speech, the entire atmosphere in China towards blockchain has been a bit more positive so much that many officials have reportedly begun deleting any anti-blockchain posts they may have been published on social media. The president’s public support was easily seen in the positive performance of the country’s blockchain A-share firms.

In addition, WeChat records showed that interest in Bitcoin and blockchain tech, in general, surged in response. On Oct. 25, Blockchain searches on the platform hit 9.2 million from the 777,000 it was, about a month before. In the same period, Bitcoin also jumped from 572,000 to 1.3 million.

This spike was however not seen in blockchain searches on Google as there were no sudden movements whether upward or downward. However, it should be noted that the trajectory for Google’s blockchain searches has however been a bit more even, than that of Bitcoin.

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