“Bitcoin Cures Cancer,” Says Elon Musk As BTC Aims For $60K

“Bitcoin Cures Cancer,” Says Elon Musk As BTC Aims For $60K
  • Elon Musk humorously tweeted in the early hours of Saturday that Bitcoin is the cure to cancer.
  • Since the tweet, Bitcoin has climbed higher and is within reach of $60K.
  • Elon Musk has been known to skirt between cryptocurrencies that has left sleuths stumped over his next move.

Elon Musk’s tweet that implied that Bitcoin cures cancer has sent a small jolt at Bitcoin’s prices but it raises the question of whether or not Satoshi’s invention can provide a cure. 

Elon Musk’s Bants

On Friday, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla posted a meme portraying what appears to be a Viking raid in a settlement with the tag, “Not a cellphone in sight… Just people living in the moment.” Despite the chaos in the picture, Musk oxymoronically described it as “a simpler time, it was” in his typical display of wittiness.

A tweep called The Chairman replied to Elon Musk saying, “Bitcoin fixes this” while Musk responded humorously that “Bitcoin cures cancer”. Elon Musk’s tweet has gone on to garner 350K likes and over 32K retweets while Bitcoin’s price lurches forward.

In the hours preceding the tweet, BTC has climbed nearly 3% to reach a daily high of $59,040. Recall that Bitcoin suffered a near-fatal slump over the last couple of days that saw it fall by over 10% to reach a low of $55,705, which was a price that was unseen since October 15th. Analysts blamed the derivative markets and Hilary Clinton’s comments that Bitcoin was a potential catalyst for financial chaos.

Elon Musk’s antics in cryptocurrencies have earned him the moniker of being the meme billionaire. In January, Elon Musk’s Twitter profile featured the Bitcoin sign and in February, his company Tesla added $1.5 billion worth of BTC to their balance sheet. He flirted with Doge and even made an appearance on Saturday Night Live where he referenced the cryptocurrency twice.

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His most recent meme involving Bitcoin was a prediction of the asset’s price at $69,000 while Ethereum was pegged at $4,200 back in October.

Can Bitcoin Cure Cancer

The claim that Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies can cure cancer is often seen as banter while some believe that the statement is a jibe aimed at fiat. The demographic sees fiat as cancer and Bitcoin is the solution as Satoshi intended.

However, there are some concrete strides taken to make the saying a reality. For example, in January, the (ACS) announced a partnership with The Giving Block, a crypto charity organization to raise money for the Crypto Cancer Fund.

“I believe cryptocurrency will play a pivotal role in curing cancer,” said Pat Duffy from The Giving Block. The project aimed to raise $1 million to fund cancer research and treatments. The ACS will accept donations in BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC amongst others.