Bitcoin Cash is Fundamentally Stirring a Bullish Wave in Two Significant Ways

Roger Ver and his team are reviving Bitcoin Cash with the launch of a competitive BCH Futures

Recent reports from ZyCrypto noted that the BCH team intends to elevate its position in terms of market capitalization and price increase.

Head of, David Shin wants BCH to take the first or second spot in the space of 12 months. Looking at all the milestones the BCH team has achieved, it would seem like the job has already fundamentally begun. BCH has been following a pattern of partnering and building structures that are socially and economically positioned for raking in a massive user base.

The three most significant are;

Mobile Phones and Social Media Coverage: The biggest of electronic companies ranging from Samsung to Huawei are prioritizing cryptocurrency wallets in many of their new mobile phone products and enabling certain cryptocurrencies for transactions has become increasingly common.

While Bitcoin and Ethereum have been the most used, BCH has also made its way through to the electronic giant HTC. The benefit of this partnership is a long term one that targets the East Asian population and is certain to multiply BCH users.


Social and Innovate Adoption: Only a few cryptocurrencies have enjoyed attention beyond the virtual space and BCH is the newest member to join this train but with a step further; The Bitcoin Cash Tech Park.

The park which will receive a $50 million worth of funding was thought out from the innovate idea known as Emergent Coding, a software designed to contain the “double-spend” issue faced by developers and further create a wider reach amongst the estimated 30 million developers worldwide.

Backed by North Queensland based Code Valley, the software will utilize BCH as a reward tool for these developers. In fact, the Emergent Coding community upon fueling a growing rate of startup wants the Bitcoin Cash Tech Park to pioneer the “development benefits for North Queensland.”

Conclusion: The growth of every cryptocurrency is highly dependent on its fundamental structure and the BCH team has an understanding of this. Therefore, its goal to push BCH to the second spot by increasing adoption from virtual and non-virtual source is a strategy that is certain to attract investors and eventually cross this milestone.