Binance CEO CZ Believes 2018 is a ‘Correction Year’ For The Crypto Space. A Better 2019?

Binance CEO CZ Believes 2018 is a 'Correction Year' For The Crypto Space. A Better 2019?

Binance Chief Executive Officer, Zhao Changpeng in his speech while discussing with Bloomberg, stirred up the strength of investors and crypto enthusiasts who must have been discouraged by the continuous bearish crypto market. Zhao termed 2018 a ‘correction year’ which means that a lot of lessons have been learned this year which will lead to a better performance in the coming year.

Zhao leveraged on his interview with Bloomberg to encourage the crypto investors to watch out for a better, 2019, which he believes will kickstart very well. He believes cryptocurrency will still undergo a bull run, in the coming year.

Binance is a crypto exchange which has been in the forefront in promoting cryptocurrency and blockchain. This is demonstrated in their establishment of a charitable foundation to ensure that the blockchain is beneficial to the society. The CEO has been a crusader in the promotion of blockchain technology through charity by partnering with other exchanges, crypto, and other CEO like Tron Justin Sun. Binance Charity Foundation ensures that charity funds are evenly distributed.

The CEO in his statement was referring to the continuous bearish condition in the crypto industry. He stated that the downward movement in the crypto price doesn’t mean that the cryptocurrency has been devalued, though the price is a major standard to measure progress. During this period, so many interesting things have been achieved by the industry builders who have developed applications which can enhance the growth and adoption of the digital currency.

When he was asked if the price correction has affected any plans of Binance, he said it did not, in fact, Binance had been able to launch a fiat exchange. Another two or three are underway and ten more fiat exchanges in the coming year.

He said that clarity is an issue affecting the crypto industry, there is a need for massive awareness of the crypto because so many countries are still in the dark concerning the cryptocurrency. There is a need for innovative projects that will promote the growth of the industry.