Big Eyes Coin Rivals Avalanche & Uniswap with Loot Boxes Offering a Possible 10,000% Return

Big Eyes Coin Rivals Avalanche & Uniswap with Loot Boxes Offering a Possible 10,000% Return

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is one of the newest meme coins in the market, and yet, it has proven itself to be on par with other big names in the cryptocurrency world, such as Avalanche (AVAX) and Uniswap (UNI).

These three innovative cryptocurrencies each have their benefits and advantages for all token holders to analyze and observe.

Avalanche Boasts Impressive Performance in the Market

Avalanche (AVAX) was created to solve the problems regarding transaction speed and scalability on Ethereum. Its ability to conduct 6,500 transactions per second is seen as a competition with Ethereum. It is also one of the few blockchain systems that can support completely decentralized apps and private blockchain networks.

AVAX has been in the spotlight recently due to its positive performance in the DeFi market. Over the past few months, the digital asset showed an increase in price due to the growing demand for DeFi products and services.

From a meagre price of $10 in December 2022, AVAX price rallied to a high of $22 in January 2023, which shows that this is one of the promising coins in the crypto market.

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Uniswap Holders Happy with the Switch to BNB Chain

Uniswap (UNI) uses a decentralized blockchain protocol for its user transactions while advancing SDKs and development tools, DeFi application integrations, and governance management apps for DeFi startups.

The digital asset’s price has recently seen sudden growth of over 25% on a year-to-date basis as of February 13. The surge is possible due to the news that UNI will be switching to Binance’s BNB chain from its V3 protocol to grow its users and reach more token holders. This switch proves UNI’s dedication to achieving a blockchain platform committed to low-fee trading for exchanges.

Get a 10,000% Return From Big Eyes Coin’s $1K Loot Box

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) hypes the community with its freshly-launched Loot Boxes! This exciting move is another part of their presale, recently released on February 21.

Loot Boxes allow BIG holders to unlock huge prizes even with a low amount of money, providing more balance to the crypto cat game. Moreover, these boxes are proof that Big Eyes Coin is a dynamic cryptocurrency that gives more rewards to the community.

There are three types of Loot Boxes. First, there’s the Cute Box, which costs $100. The prizes include $100, $120, $300, $800, and $5000 worth of BIG tokens. If lucky, users can win the biggest prize, getting 50 times more than what they paid! We’re talking about a 5000% return!

Next, there’s the Kitty Vault worth $500, with prizes including $500, $600, $1.5K, $4K, and $25K of BIG tokens.

Lastly, there’s the Super Saiyan Box worth $1K. Its prizes include $1K, $1.2K, $3K, $8K, and a massive amount of $100K worth of BIG tokens! That could be a 10,000% return for a $1K Loot Box!

When buying a box, BIG holders do not lose a thing because they will always win equal to or more than the amount of money they have spent. These Loot Boxes are a better way to infuse in crypto meme coins while getting the chance to receive more. Users can also test their luck and do test spins, but the outcome will always be randomized.

If you’re feeling lucky, go to Big Eyes Coin’s website to purchase your Loot Box! You may also follow them on their social media by clicking on the links below.




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