Big Eyes Coin Launches $250k Giveaway, Skims Off Crypto Communities in Shiba Inu and Tamadoge

Big Eyes Coin Launches $250k Giveaway, Skims Off Crypto Communities in Shiba Inu and Tamadoge

As Big Eyes Coin (BIG) launches its $250k giveaway, crypto communities in Shiba Inu and Tamadoge are joining the BIG train today! But why not? With over 2 million dollars raised after the first presale and a series of charitable donations, you’ll agree this is a community to be a part of.

Let’s take a deeper look into these coins and why Big Eyes is winning in the cryptocurrency market.

Shiba Inu (SHIB)

Shiba Inu (SHIB) was launched in 2020 and named after the Shiba Inu dog. SHIB was created by an anonymous individual or group called Ryoshi. Since its launch, SHIB has consistently stayed attractive as an investment for traders worldwide. Shiba Inu (SHIB) is nearly as famous as Dogecoin in the cryptocurrency market and offers real-life use cases as a payment method and for daily transactions.

BONE, ShibaSwap’s main token, recently saw a 110% price spike following its listing on the CEX platform in the past weeks. According to CoinGecko, as of the time of writing, Shiba Inu sells for $0.00001197.

The second token, Tamadoge (TAMA), is a play-to-earn meme coin that enables players to earn in-game NFTs and rewards. The network allows you to develop, breed, and trade Tamadoge pets or virtual dog avatars you can employ to challenge other players on Tamaverse, Tamadoge (TAMA)’s gaming universe. Each Tamadoge pet can be minted as an NFT through the network’s smart contract.


Each Tamadoge pet embodies unique characteristics, and investors and buyers can take up these 3D asset items from the Tamadoge platform store using TAMA. No doubt, Tamadoge could likely become a leading meme coin in the fast-evolving cryptocurrency market. There are clear signs it will soon be listed on top cryptocurrency exchanges like Uniswap and LBank.

TAMA is in its fourth presale phase and has raised a total of $6.5 million. Initially, investors purchased its tokens at the rate of 1USDT for 57.14 TAMA tokens. But, today, the price of the TAMA token has risen from 1 USDT to 50 TAMA in the fifth stage of the presale. This high cryptocurrency price uptrend makes it a good investment choice to try out.

But what if you had a chance to join the fastest growing crypto community, buy presale tokens at low prices, and be among the winners of a $250k crypto giveaway?

Let’s talk about Big Eyes Coin (BIG).

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a complete community meme coin. It is designed to boost the status of its members and promote charitable causes to improve the quality of marine life and water bodies.

Big Eyes Sushi Crew Club is a major feature of Big Eyes. It offers a platform where NFTs and other top NFT projects will be democratized to allow members to get experience from their NFTs and share global best practices to help them maximize the vast opportunities in the NFT markets.

Buy Big Eyes Coin

However, Big Eyes’s most outstanding feature is its cat theme which seeks to create a unique identity and garner huge attraction that will remain a household brand for the new coin in the cryptocurrency market.

Big Eyes Coin announces that it locked up 5% of its total token supply in a charity wallet set aside for ocean-saving efforts. Big Eyes donated $1000 to Luna Children, representing its commitment to extend its charitable efforts to improve the quality of education as well.

And yet the BIG news…

Big Eyes is currently doing a giveaway worth $250,000! There’s a lot to go around, so if you’re ready to be a part of the winners, you can join this link to get your share.

Big Eyes has made over $2 million after the first week of its presale, and there are plans to switch up the token price by 25% after the second presale ends.

Don’t sleep on this. Hurry now and purchase your presale here.

Click this link to find out more about Big Eyes.  

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)