BEZEX: Crypto Exchange Startup Will Allow Users Ability To Travel Backwards In Time

BEZEX: Crypto Exchange Startup Will Allow Users Ability To Travel Backwards In Time

Cryptocurrency exchanges are becoming a lucrative business but the process of creating one is a serious issue. Apart from that, exchanges require the services of several staffs such as engineers and also build the software to set up the exchange. This can be quite exhausting financially, mentally and otherwise.

Bezex is a platform that solves all these problems by allowing users on the platform to build, manage and scale their exchanges to suit customers’ expectations and keep them on the cutting edge of exchange technology for a much lower cost and mental stress. Users can control everything on their exchanges ranging from themes to private keys of their exchange wallets, so Bezex does not interfere with their businesses.

The platform allows new users to build and deploy their own exchanges in a few minutes rather than going through all the stress of building a traditional exchange. Traders have lost money severally to “pump and dumps” which appear as legit price rises and most times, it is impossible to get back funds.

Bezex ensures this does not happen by using patent-pending market type they engineered known as Time-Resistant markets that allow traders to return their trading accounts to its initial state within a 24 hours band and in some cases more. This key feature distinguishes it from existing exchange platforms.

Nature of the market

Bezex exchanges cannot be distinguished from each other. In the sense that it simply provides a market for users to buy and sell cryptocurrency.


Exchanges are 2 dimensional, you can either short or long.

A striking patent-pending feature in bezex which no other exchange possess is the ability to trade an extra dimension, TIME.


All exchanges built on the Bezex platform features two types of markets; the normal market – which is the type of market where we trade on conventional exchanges, and the (time-resistant) market – which is a new type of market in the world of crypto exchanges and trading in general. In a normal market, when a trader places an order in exchange, for a non-stop order, the order is automatically filled if there is an available order in the opposite side of the order book.

If there is no available order to fill it, the order is placed in the order book. When there is a matching order to fill it, it gets filled, removed from the order book and the traded currencies are exchanged between the traders. This is great, except in a situation where there is a massive loss in the value of the new currency received, the trader tends to lose significantly. In time the reversible market, when order is matched and filled, It is then transferred to a contract driven object know as a “time tree”. A T-R Contract typically expires every 24 hours after which the traders will receive their exchanged currencies. Also, traders are given an opportunity to extend the contract by 24 hours; at least four hours before the contract is expired.

In the lifecycle, when a T-R contract is open, trading participants can decide to cancel the contract and navigate safely back in time using the time tree, this incurs a minimal loss for the trader initiating the contract cancellation so that the other party still benefits from the trade. Institutional traders possibly have feared the loss associated with trading on the normal markets crypto exchanges and therefore have not really been involved. But with the benefits and flexibility of the time reversible markets, this will make trading less risky and still profitable.


Bezex does not only ensure safety on the market, but it also provides zero-knowledge wallets for exchange operators as well as users. These wallets are used to store funds that are used to trade between exchanges on Bezex. Wallet addresses are generated using a metamask public address, metamask signature and the pin provided during the metamask signature signing, so any change in information produces a different wallet. Unlike conventional wallets, users can regenerate wallets using a backup file containing encrypted information that is tied to the PIN obtained when signing up.

Customizable interface

The Bezex operator interface can be customized to suit the operator’s taste. Modifications such as landing can be done using different landing page templates provided by Bezex and changes to content such as the terms and condition of the exchange, privacy policy, and exchange description can be done using a mini word processor provided on every operator dashboard.

Different subscription plans

Bezex has a number of subscription options for potential exchanges on the platform, depending on the needs of the platform and how much they can afford. The first is the Basic subscription plan which costs 1 BTC a year. The second is the Cluster plan for 3 BTC a year and the third is the VIP plan which costs 5 BTC per year. They all have different levels of privileges depending on the cost.

The Bezex utility token

Every exchange created on Bezex has the bez market as default with bez/bezx pair which can be traded against any digital currency. Bezex exchange provides liquidity for holders of this pair and for the Bezop market to enable them trade on Bezex exchanges and the pair can be traded for fiat currencies.


With these features, Bezex provides the best platform for launching exchanges. This does not only provide safety for exchange operators and users on the platform but also reduces the cost of running such exchanges as Bezex already provides a team of engineers to run any number of exchanges on its scalable platform. More information about the platform can be found here and an extra summary of the advantages here.