Bexplus Exchange Announces Launch of BTC-Interest Bearing Wallet

Bexplus Exchange Announces Launch of BTC-Interest Bearing Wallet

Bitcoin has been able to win the hearts of many in recent times as the skyrocketing pace in the price of the coin has caused many enthusiasts to want to hold Bitcoin.

Nonetheless, this is arguably not the only factor that has caused an increasing interest in the asset. Exclusive and amazing developments coming up from crypto-related firms have been another reason cryptocurrencies have become more interesting to hold when compared to the traditional fiat.

Leading crypto derivatives platform, Bexplus announced it has launched a Bitcoin Interest Bearing wallet.

Bexplus is a popular Hong-Kong based crypto derivatives exchange that offers 100x leverage in BTC, ETH, EOS, LTC, and XRP futures.

According to reports, Bexplus can boast of over 100,000 users from a variety of countries all over the world.


Bexplus offers a Hedge Against The Volatile Market

The exchange has just offered all investors using the platform an amazing opportunity to earn more profits with its Bitcoin Interest bearing wallet.

The initiative has made the company quite different from other exchanges as it has designed the wallet to give users the opportunity to store their assets while they earn massively without the fear of the volatile market.

More interestingly, the wallet has been created to offer users a yearly interest of upto 21% and a 100% bonus on every new user’s deposit.

In other words, users of the platform are guaranteed a stable profit of 21% of the total value of bitcoin they hold at the end of every year. 

This is quite interesting because even when the asset depreciates in price, investors would not be left with dry lips, rather they would still earn something.

It is certain that the new innovation will attract many potential users to the exchange because it is the desire of every investor to keep making profits exclusively.

This is coupled with the amazing features formerly exhibited by the exchange. Per reports, the company requires no KYC from investors, offers high security and no penalty for early withdrawals.