Best Youtube Crypto Channels

Best Youtube Crypto Channels

With so many so-called crypto experts emerging out of nowhere on youtube, it becomes very difficult to find out which one of them has the actual knowledge regarding the crypto market and its ups and downs.

You just cannot simply trust the advice of any crypto youtuber claiming to be an expert but don’t worry because in this article we have listed down the best crypto youtubers that will help you out with your queries related to the same.

Data Dash

Data dash is quite popular for his videos related to Cryptocurrencies, data analytics, and science. Nicholas Merten is the person who runs the channel and is extremely proficient on his niche providing unbiased opinions and analysis. He uploads on a regular basis or around 5 videos a week explaining the flow charts and stuff related to bitcoins. Data dash has 314k subscribers with over 18m views in total.

Crypto Daily


Crypto daily is another quality focused crypto channel with a bit of sarcasm. He is a humorous youtuber focusing on stuff related to bitcoins and cryptocurrency market. He makes videos on bitcoin most of the time with catchy and funny thumbnails. Crypto daily currently has 126000+ subscribers and over 10 million views since 2015.

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His name sounds similar to superman and no doubt he is very knowledgable and stays updated on the cryptocurrency situations. He also promotes his udemy courses related to cryptocurrencies in his videos which are related to crypto news and the stock market. He has built a nice fanbase over the past 8 years with around 14.5 million views in total.

Suppoman has some good playlists regarding the python courses and crypto trading tips.

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Chris Dunn

Chris Dunn has an experience of more than 10 years in the cryptocurrency field when the crypto came into existence. He mainly focuses on crypto future, stock market and investment tips, his professional tips will help you to understand the market tactics in an easy way. The information that he provides is unbiased, easy to grasp, he also avoids paid promotion of ICO. Dunn also uploads special investment tips and trading tools for investing in cryptocurrency. He has built a huge subscriber base of more than 206k subs on youtube.

Ivan on tech

Ivan on tech is a software developer and international blockchain speaker from Sweden. He is a real deal when it comes to blockchain technology. He uploads quality videos related to bitcoins, ethereum, and crypto trading. Ivan has made some great playlists on programming & development, crypto interviews, and his very special Good morning crypto show. As of now, Ivan has a total of 200k subscribers on his youtube channel which is growing fastly with a new video every day.

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In brief

If you are interested in crypto trading and stock marketing, the list of channel we have provided above will help you to do so. To save data and watch the videos offline use airy youtube downloader and learn crypto trading anytime and anywhere.

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