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Cryptocurrency investment is gradually taking over the world over . With this, the BeEasy team, which consists of highly skilled professionals in the Crypto ecosystem have created a platform that sees to the investment needs of crypto experts and crypto newbie alike.  The platform also lets users mine cryptocurrency with its intuitive and ready to use system.
The Initial Coin Offering of BeEasy went live on February 1, 2018, with a fixed conversion rate of 0.02 BTC which remains same all through the fundraiser. There is a total of 250,000 ETKN up for grabs.
The CEO of BeEasy, Alexander Bespalov stated that:

“The predicted future of digital technology has become our reality. New technologies are being introduced into everyday life at a rapid pace, and universal computerisation cannot be denied.
In just six months, millions of people were interested in blockchain technology, took a great interest in crypto-currencies and began to think about managing a new kind of digital assets seriously.
The model by which we created BeEasy is in demand on the market. We invite everyone who wants to enter the ecosystem and create a future together with us.”

BeEasy is loaded with a set of intuitive interfaces that enables the users to monitor business processes and perform various operations in a one-stop mode with a single user identification system.
The BeEasy Mission
BeEasy is focused on the development of a decentralised blockchain economy that will be beneficial to people from all over the globe.
About The BeEasy Project
The BeEasy project consists of an array of services that will surely be useful to quite a considerable number of users.
Some of the features of the BeEasy platform include
EasyTrade- which is a cryptocurrency exchange that supports the Metatrader and TickTrader interfaces and it also have a web-based platform for traders and brokers.
EasyPlay- allows users to trade real-world goods and services in a fast and secure way, in exchange for the cryptocurrency. There is also the EasyPool, which supports a vast array of currencies and also serves as a mining pool. And many more features like the EasyCare, which allows users donate to charities supported by BeEasy,.
The BeEasy platform is your one-stop shop for crypto investing, trading, cryptocurrency mining and much other groundbreaking features. To learn more visit
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