#Be Major Benefits – Disrupting the Data Economy

#Be Major Benefits – Disrupting the Data Economy

Can you imagine which value would have an Airbnb cryptocurrency if this company had issued a token few years ago? Talking about the future which we try to create, it’s necessary to underscore the value of #be, a blockchain-based marketplace for monetization of digital activities and personal data the same way Airbnb stands is for monetization of private rooms and flats.

What are its features and advantages?

#Be is a disruptive network that aims to create a fully-functional marketplace of people digital activities, and one that puts the user back in control of their data. It’s no secret that today’s internet users are enticed with “free services” such as free email, cloud storage, and addictive social media experiences, yet in essence, the personal data they share with these platforms are used for advertising purposes and users have no control over it. As if that’s not enough, all the advertising revenues are kept by big corporations, which means users are sidelined in the whole value chain.
To solve these inefficiencies, #be is building a platform that brings back the control of data back into the hands of users, allowing them to fully harness its potential and get monetary benefits from it. Users will allow third-party advertisers to access their digital activity data in exchange for payment in beTOK – the platform’s utility token. The core segment of the platform is completely decentralized and protected by the secure distributed ledger technology.
The main advantages of the #be platform are evident when compared with existing centralized systems. Big corporations control and manage our personal data because there isn’t a simple way for each person to use and monetize their data. Well, up until now.
As a technology enabler, the #be platform offers the following benefits to all players in the data market.


By tapping into the #be user-empowerment toolkit, users will be able to collect, manage and use their data in a simple, secure, and a condition that is in compliance with the GDPR principles. In addition, users can monetize their engagement activities based on the quality matching between their profile and advertiser’s marketing criteria.
In the user-empowerment toolkit, you’ll have access to a wide range of innovative tools, such as:
The Digital Me – user data management dashboard for managing and monetizing personal data
Data Locker – enables data security, data encryption, and privacy
#Be Browser – can be integrated into the #be native app for personalized browsing
Detectors and Plugs-In – allow users to aggregate data all around the web
Call and Response System – allow users to respond to calls-to-action based on profile, consensus, interests, activities etc.
The Wallet – for crypto management (allows you to receive beTOK or cash-out to access marketplace or exchanges)
Private Market Place – this tool is for beTOK-based private sales and beTOK-based special offers that give discounts, bonuses and special terms.


Marketers can now account for all the money they use in advertising campaigns because #be platform connects them to the best-qualified leads for better ROI.
#Be platform also eliminates the problem of advertising frauds. Every year, marketers waste billions of dollars on advertising because the quantity parameters such as clicks and views are all too often not credible. As well as click farms, bots, and domain spoofing, there are other online frauds that have resulted in many advertisers wasting budgets on ads bring no results.
The #be network is the platform that guarantees real, effective connections between advertisers and people. Because of the transparency that blockchain provides, it is possible to track the advertising budget and monitor the impact – you will be satisfied with better-converting campaigns.


Publishers that also lose tons of precious revenue are also protected with this platform, as every transaction, or ad campaign run on their platforms are recorded on an immutable blockchain that can be accessed and verified. It’s just a question of matching in the right environment.
In this way, #be can change redefine the data industry and make it more equitable for the benefits of those that matter most — the users, the advertisers, and the publishers. The users get the change to decide how the data economy will look like in the future. Let’s make it transparent, meaningful and richly-rewarding.
And let’s do it together.
Learn More:
Website: https://beico.info/
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/BeTOK/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BeTokenbtk/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BeTOK_Official
Telegram: https://t.me/BeTOK_Official
Medium: https://medium.com/@BeTOK

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