AVINOC Set to Revolutionize Aviation Via Blockchain Technology

AVINOC Set to Revolutionize Aviation Via Blockchain Technology

Aligning Passengers, airlines, air traffic control, and travel agencies in line with advanced technology and decentralized innovations is what AVINOC Blockchain Startup is all about.
AVINOC (Aviation Network Operation Chain) is hinged on reshaping the norm of archaic centralized booking organizations such as checkfelix.com and expedia.com.
AVINOC is aiming at eliminating every form of third parties and promote a personal communication between users and airline companies through the Blockchain technology.
Aside from booking of flight tickets for individuals, the company also provides services that involve booking for a large number of people (group bookings) which will allow for bonding between people traveling together as they will be positioned close together.
The blockchain is a plus to AVINOC as communication between contact and airline provider is simplified.
AVINOC is nothing short of a blessing to the Aviation industry at large. Via its numerous Blockchain solutions, it is continuously making an effort towards providing seasoned solutions to obstacles in the aviation community.
It is looking forward to plying the same route Facebook took to becoming the first Facebook of BizAv, through Scheduling Airline and Charter Business globally.
The Airline industry has been driven in one direction since the 60s and is time for a change.
The issue of Global Distribution System (GDS) has long plagued the industry as transactions are always between three parties namely; the travel agencies, the airlines, and passengers.
This three-tier system has created a wide gap resulting to various price tags on flights with multiple sites popping up with the aim of helping the passengers compare and review these prices further disconnecting the passenger from the airlines itself; casting a shade of doubt over their activities.
A quick and reliable fix to correct this routine is needed to ensure that exorbitant pricing is curbed, while also renewing the aviation industry.
In order to solve the problem, AVINOC has created an array of blockchain facilities to help promote transparency and one on one transactions with travelers and airline icing it with an affordable ticket rate.


One unique quality of AVINOC is the fact that it is founded on its “generic model and the internal model system,” the token is powered by the ERC-20 token.
The token which will be traded on various exchange platforms is a utility token, and it will be a tool to apply for and carry out various transactions in the system.
The token price will be at the rate of $0.05, and there are 1billion AVINOC coins up for grabs of which 40% will be sold to the public.
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