Auditchain, the developer of the world’s first decentralized financial reporting system is partnering with ExMarkets

Auditchain, the developer of the world’s first decentralized financial reporting system is partnering with ExMarkets

Auditchain, the firm credited for developing the world’s first decentralized continuous audit and real-time financial protocol ecosystem has entered into an effective partnership with the popular digital asset exchange and IEO Launchpad Exmarkets.

The first phase of the Initial Exchange token will be hosted by ExMarkets on June 14, 2019. And in a bid to improve its services to its teeming customers, the company will also join the DCARPE Alliance, with the sole purpose of working together towards the implementation of the DCARPE Alliance Disclosure Framework, which will be injected into the ExMarkets Digital asset exchange and IED Launchpad.

Highest Level of Transparency

The alliance with DCARPE will also lead to the creation of a top tier listing category for digital assets, which will, in turn, provide the highest level of transparency using the DCARPE

Assurance and Disclosure Framework.

Furthermore, the company will also inject the DCARPE Explorer into its main platform, which will aid in providing real-time financial disclosure and audit analytic data to investors.


Auditchain is in the final process of finalizing Partnership with other digital asset exchanges who wish to integrate the DCARPE Assurance and Disclosure Framework into their respective platforms.

The taken sole is huge at this moment, as only 1,000,000 AUDT Token will be available, and mouthwatering bonuses will also be earned after the IEO.

A total of three phases of the IEO will occur on three separate exchanges, users are advised to be on the lookout for more information about the exchange partnership.

More on DCARPE Alliance

The DCARPE alliance is a conglomerate of a global consortium of members who are in different fields. Members include Account and audit, financial reporting, legal, investment, blockchain, and the academic community.

The Alliance is divided into four respective categories, which includes:

  • Financial Reporting and Assurance
  • Technical
  • Legal and Regulatory and the
  • Gatekeepers, which are the Exchanges, Tokenization and the Securitization Platforms.

Auditchain, which is a leading member of the alliance, is a collaboration with the DCARPE Alliance, with the sole intention of leading a movement,  which will convince digital asset exchanges to adopt real-time assurance and financial disclosure using the DCARPE Assurance Disclosure Framework.

More on Auditchain

Auditchain is the brain behind the DCARPE Alliance and a leading force in Reporting Protocol Ecosystem TM for digital asset and enterprise assurance and disclosure.

The firm is blessed with professionals in the accounting, blockchain and technical department who make sure that they render the best services to their teeming customers and change the ways things are being done in the industry.

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