Asia Token Fund, CryptoProfile, and Singapore Bitcoin Club to Partner with Pitcher Perfect

Asia Token Fund, CryptoProfile, and Singapore Bitcoin Club to Partner with Pitcher Perfect

The blockchain and crypto space has witnessed numerous conference and events, some with an audience of over 3,000 and some with just a few stakeholders interacting in an intimate setup. Each one plays a critical role in its own special way.

What makes these meetups and events such a quintessential part of this industry is the fact that it’s still emerging and fragile. How does it gain the stability that it deserves? With the community becoming bigger, stronger and more connected.  

The United Conference of Internet Money (UCIM) concluded recently after kick-starting the Asia Blockchain Week in Singapore with a purpose to serve the budding community. In its first edition, the conference focused on sharing unbiased and expert content with all present.

To achieve the same, there were several prominent names that addressed the audience, like billionaire venture capitalist Tim Draper, crypto trader and consultant Tone Vays, VNX Exchange Senior Vice President Zing Yang, Civic’s VP of Business Development Chris Smith, Houbi’s APAC Managing Director Edward Chen, and Liquid’s Global Head of Business Development Seth Melamed.

After successfully delivering a long format two-day conference, UCIM is now venturing to host Pitcher Perfect in Singapore on 15th February 2019. With a tagline of ‘best pitches are created over pitchers,’ the subevent seeks to offer a platform to connect projects and investors in an intimate setup.


As the two ends of the investment community meet, dine, and network together, there will be some interesting stories and some crucial conversations to be a part of. To successfully accomplish its purpose, Pitcher Perfect has tied up with some very relevant strategic partners from the Singapore ecosystem.

These partners include Singapore Bitcoin Club- Singapore’s pioneering educational community for cryptocurrency trading, CryptoProfile- a transformative platform to disrupt cryptocurrency airdrops, and Asia Token Fund- an impartial blockchain news and media portal.

“We are really excited to have such a diverse set of partners. With their skills, communities, and expertise in the space of cryptocurrencies, Pitcher Perfect will be able to stand true to its vision,” shared Bimlesh Anand, the event’s Project Manager.

Singapore is a hub for blockchain and crypto startups, and a platform for these projects to interact with investors, family offices, and exchanges seems like a fascinating proposition.