As Trump Goes After China, Is Crypto Going To Be Next?

As Trump Goes After China, Is Crypto Going To Be Next?

Trump as President of the United States of America and the most powerful man in the World has been interesting to watch.

Though controversial, loved by many, reviled by some (especially the liberals and the mass media), one thing is certain: No one messes with him!

The recent trade war with the Peoples’ Republic of China has shown another side of Trump: he always sticks to his guns no matter what.

With the Huawei crisis and other moves that he has been making of late, it is fast becoming a possibility that President Trump might actually go after Crypto.

The recent feelers coming from the US especially after the issue with Binance which is one of the largest crypto trading exchangers by volume is an indicator that if Crypto catches Donald Trump’s fancy, he may just as well go after it and do what he thinks is best for the American people.


One great thing about Donald Trump’s administration is that it is easy to predict.

They operate a certain way and in a certain manner; all driven by the personality of the Donald himself.

While the American President has been a fan of cryptocurrencies in the past, his unpredictable political side is what many can’t see through.

This is one American President who has been accused of being inconsistent; though that inconsistency may actually lie with what is best at the time and in what is in the greater interest of the American people; as far as he is concerned. Most may think that Trump won’t even dare to do anything to influence or at least regulate Crypto.

However, for a President who governs using his Twitter handle, anything is possible!

Do you think that President Donald Trump will come after Cryptocurrencies?

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