ARK Successfully Updates Its Script; ARK Deployer Now Functional

Ark Deployer

ARK has announced the release of ARK Deployer, which is a lightweight script that will form a large part of the envisioned “Point. Click. Blockchain” system.
The ARK platform enables developers and companies design blockchain-based solutions. The ARK system is working towards creating an ecosystem of linked chains and a virtual spider web of endless use cases.
The ARK Evolution
The ARK team is working round the clock to make the Blockchain technology readily available to various users. The team is focused on making it easier for people to use multiple blockchains simultaneously.
The ARK Contract Execution Service (ACES) utilises the ARK SmartBridge technology to seamlessly communicate the Bitcoin Ethereum and Litecoin Blockchains, making it easy for ARK to use the Ethereum smart contracts or any other benefits of the Blockchain.
Currently, everyone can launch their Blockchain on the ARK platform, within minutes.
The new ARK Deployer script will allow users to learn and familiarise themselves with the ARK ecosystem.
The script is now ready for testing via hackathons and conferences. Developers can now test the script to find out limitations and bugs.
The Point. Click. Blockchain will enable users to create their connected Blockchain, built outside of ARK’s  main Blockchain. This gives users full control and also lets them customise the Blockchain to their taste.
“Unlike ethereum and ERC20 tokens, all ark cloned chains can have their own Blockchain that will be connected to the ark ecosystem. They will be customizable, you can set your blocktimes, number of delegates and more. This gives you complete freedom and independence without bloating the ARK mainchain, but while still having the ability to utilise the entire ecosystem.”  
The benefits are enormous. Just one source of truth will allow everyone on the network to see the same information which adds a layer of security to business practices and processes.
Companies will benefit immensely from the Ark Deployer script because it will enable them to build their Blockchain network.
The future is very bright for ARK, and the platform will even get bigger soon enough after the Push-button Blockchain becomes functional. Many more people will adopt Ark network due to its fluidity and scalability.
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