ARK Launches Grants Program Backed by 1Million ARK Tokens

ARK Launches Grants Program Backed by 1Million ARK Tokens

ARK blockchain project has announced the launch of its developer incentive program called ARK Grants, which is backed by 1 million ARK.

ARK Grants is a replacement to the current “Tier 0” Program and it will allow the project’s growing community of developers to create ARK-based solutions like wallet plugins, proof of concepts and others to get the required funding.

1 million ARK has now been injected into the program from the ARK Shield development fund.some of the projects to be funded include:

Proofs-of-Concept: POC is an excellent tool used to educate developers through real examples. ARK previously funded the ARK Messenger POC, which is now a fully autonomous and secure chat application.

ARK Desktop Wallet Plugins: The ARK Plugin Manager which was upgraded recently was initially funded by ARK Grants. The solution added an intuitive interface that enables users to use, install and update plugins.


What’s more, the grants program will also fund production-ready blockchain solutions such as the ARKTippr Tip Bot which is powered by the ARK network, custom ideas and more.

Technologies and Frameworks

Developers whose proposals are accepted by the ARK Grants team must adhere to the following standards when creating their works:

  • Typescript is the preferred language 
  • ARK Smart Transactions must be utilized.
  • New Smart Transactions and custom bridge chains must be used, instead of the vendorField or SmartBridge field
  • Creation of mobile solutions must be done with Ionic or Angular 
  • ARKs preferred tech include NodeJS, VueJS, TailwindCSS, Laravel, and Electron 

Developers looking to create solutions with other technologies must first seek approval before development begins.

Proposal Submission

Applicants are required to submit their full names, contact methods, and email along with their application template. Devs must describe their project in a few paragraphs including the architecture, language and more.

Asides the ARK Grants program, developers can also earn ARK token via various other means including:

  • ARK Bounty and Security Program, which uses GitHub to track activity. Developers are paid for reporting security vulnerabilities and bounties are paid out monthly.
  • Contest and Competition: this is available to both devs and non-devs. The announcement will be made on social media soon
  • Forging Delegate Node since ARK network runs as a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPOS), users can draft a proposal for the community. Launch a node and more.
  • ARK Community Fund: a community-operated fund managed by five community-elected board members who cycle out every six months.