Araw Token Ecosystem: The Future of E-Commerce and Payments Industry

Araw Token Ecosystem: The Future of E-Commerce and Payments Industry

Araw, a company that deals with decentralized payments for e-commerce is at it again. The company which stands out for its excellent services amongst other decentralised organisations has announced its desire to create Araw token ecosystem.
The Araw token will be powered by the Ethereum blockchain and aims to provide “a lasting solution to the  e-commerce Marketplace, Touch and Pay Cryptocurrency Card, Online Cryptocurrency Payment as well as Unified reward System.”
The token is a utility based token and is designed solely to interrupt E-Commerce marketplace and the payment industry worldwide.

Araw on your Mobile

The Araw token ecosystem has curbed the issue of going through unnecessary stress to shop as it has a mobile application that allows users to buy form their e-commerce marketplace conveniently.
Transactions on the trading platform will be carried out using the Araw token. The application also features a Cryptocurrency wallet that can hold multiple currencies whether digital or fiat
Users with this can easily exchange a particular Cryptocurrency for another or crypto to fiat currency as the user pleases.
One principal aim of this token is to carry everyone along in their day to day trading activities, with its vast e-commerce decentralised payment system individuals will be able to carry out their shopping activities without understanding the complexities of Blockchain technology.
Regular individuals with this app will have the bliss of shopping and in offline retail stores and still be able to transact their dealings with the Araw token via their Araw touch and Pay Card.
To further promote this goal, the company invented what is known as Araw Pay; this will spur merchants to allow online payment with the Araw token with just one touch of a button.
Over time users of this token will be rewarded in other to promote the usage of the Araw card for their daily shopping’s and also increase patronage level.

Redefining the World of E-Commerce and Payment

Araw is the first of its kind to make this blockbuster innovation in the crypto world, with a whole and unique package with various services at the user’s disposal.
The Araw token ecosystem has the capability to shake and set a new pace for the payment and E-commerce industry with its end-to-end solutions to revolutionise archaic systems and methods.
The Araw ecosystem is easily adaptable to both large, medium, and small-scale enterprise alike with its easily accessible e-commerce platform which will be of great benefit to the company’s revenue.

Great Minds in Partnership

With this mind-blowing innovation, Araw has attracted to itself seasoned experts in the industry who are giving their very best to building the Araw Token Ecosystem.
Advisory board members of the British Blockchain John Wellman and Dr Jane Thomason who are Democrats in the e-commerce and Blockchain industry are also part of this great feat
Although the token sale is yet to commence, the pre-registration for the token is already ongoing. The token has received widespread acceptance as the platform can boast users from 170 countries.
Having positive ratings and reviews on YouTube, the company has a lot of followers on almost all the social network sites through which they communicate with the public.
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