Ancora Luxury Pen Presale Live Now; Join to Get 50 Percent Bonus

Ancora Luxury Pen Presale Live Now; Join to Get 50 Percent Bonus

Italian luxury pen maker, Ancora has deemed it necessary to manufacture high-quality pens for crypto holders, as cryptocurrencies are the rave of the moment.
Ancora has decided to organize the manufacture and distribution of its luxury pens the same way ICOs are conducted.
People who bid for the exclusive pens early are entitled to receive early bird bonuses. Last year, the pen manufacturer also produced Bitcoin pens which were purchased by reputable holders of the coin.
Based on polls conducted by Ancora during the distribution of the Bitcoin Pen, the firm is now presenting the Ethereum Pen to the masses.
The presale for the Ethereum Pen started on April 8, 2018 and runs until may 8 2018. Contributors will receive 50 percent discount, as compared to what the price of the luxury pens will be when they are officially launched. Those who participate in the presale will also have an opportunity to chose their lucky numbers.
Only 88 fountain pens and 888 rollerball pens will be produced. Each pen will have the lucky number of its owner engraved on it.
The nib of the Ethereum pen will be made of 18 Karat gold.
From May 12 to May 27, 2018, the pens will get into the production stage, and the bonus will be reduced to 40 percent. The pens will hit the market in July.

About Ancora

Ancora manufactures high-quality luxury pens for VIPs. It uses an array of unique raw materials in producing its pens. Michelangelo’s marble, grey stones from Piza, igneous rock from the Vesuvius and parts of wooden décor from the Titanic are some of the materials Ancora has used in manufacturing its pens.
Ancora does the entire fine detailing of its pens manually, and the body of the pens are decorated by artists using special painting techniques, which are then varnished several times.
The Ancora workshop is located in the birthplace of Giuseppe Zanini, Ancora’s founder.
Ancora pens give users an excellent writing experience as they are produced in adherence to age-long quality standards.
The luxury pens manufacturer has been in existence for over a hundred years and will continue to offer best quality products to clients for many years to come.
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