Analyzing Roobee: Perspective IEO Supported By Crypto-Whales

Analyzing Roobee: perspective IEO supported by crypto-whales

Update: Roobee IEO on BitForex is successfully ended. Information about further token sales you can find at

The world of blockchain investment is still in an early stage and in need of new, innovative ideas that will help establish. While there are several upcoming blockchain-based projects, we are bringing you Roobee, an outstanding IEO project backed by whales of crypto-market.

Blockchain-powered Investment Platform that will make a difference in the future, with many new ideas that will change the face of investment as we know it.

Roobee starts IEO at 13th May on Bitforex –

Everybody, who will support IEO on Bitforex will get exclusive access to closed projects such as TON ICO, Zoom IPO, Levi’s IPO and etc. to invest in. What a great opportunity to follow a new service that provides an easy way to the world of investments!


What Roobee is about

Roobee is a unique blockchain-based investment services provider that helps investors make informed investment decisions. Unlike any other project, Roobee uses Artificial Intelligence and reliable statistics to provide guidance for investors in digitized assets with a $10 entry threshold. Roobee is a real business MVP with $15 million allocations in the test system.

Roobee has already achieved significant milestones in its journey. The company has successfully raised $4.5 million in pre-seed funding from a famous crypto whale, it also raised $15 million successfully processed through Roobee’s test system with One of top-250 Bitcoin whale wallets which closed the first stage of $1 mln private round IEO instantly.

It uses various investment products from different markets and clients also have access to loans, IPOs, venture capital, real estate, funds, shares of startups, cryptocurrencies and other market products at no cost to those who buy them. These characteristics make Roobee safe, reliable and profitable as an investment platform.

Why Roobee?

Roobee is not just a safe and reliable platform, but it has solutions to some of the major problems facing investments especially in the blockchain industry at this time. The following are key issues and solutions that Roobee provides to make the investment worthwhile.

  1. Easy access to investment products: Investment to the common man is a high tech venture and a world where only professional investors can survive. This is majorly because investment products are not readily available for the common man to explore, in addition to the lack of investment intelligence. Location is another major issue as people in some locations find it really hard to access investment opportunities in addition to lack of capital and lack of trust for investment companies.

Roobee plans to make investment opportunities available to all regardless of location or investment experience by aggregating investment products on its blockchain platform for easy access. The problem of capital is also dealt with as only $10 may be used to invest in any of the products and the company can help investors build their portfolios from there. Location also is finally removed as a barrier to investment opportunities as an investment can be done with just a click on the internet.

  1. Transparency: Only very few investment opportunity providers are transparent enough to for investors to feel secure. This has made several potential investors refrain from otherwise profitable investments and this results in a lack of funds in the global financial market as reputable investment managers, funds, and organizations are hard to come by.

With Roobee, adequate transparent and authentic statistics are provided for each investment product to ensure that potential investors feel safe about investing. User security is further enhanced with a uniform, transparent, and genuine system of statistics and analytics for each of the investment products built on the RoobeeChain blockchain that allows users to verify the effectiveness if investment products prior to investing. The blockchain evaluation allows users to see how many other Roobee users have invested in which product and how much has been invested in other products. By allowing users to view other users’ portfolio without revealing the true identity, the platform makes it possible for users to make clear investment decisions based on other investors without compromising on their privacy.

Roobee’s co-founder Artem Popov always speaks at leading industry events all around the world
Roobee’s co-founder Artem Popov always speaks at leading industry events all around the world
  1. Investment security: Centralized investment platforms such as exchanges, banks, funds, etc are not completely secured and investments may be lost either completely or in part and the chance of getting such investments back is very slim and very hectic to pursue if it is real. This has eroded investors’ confidence and a reduced interest in investing.

Roobee avoids this by giving investors complete control over their investments and has no access to such investments. This means that users get to store the private keys to their RoobeeWallet wallet where funds can be safely stored on RoobeeChain, using RoobeeID. The blockchain is also an open source HyperLedger framework with support from Linux Foundation, IBM and Intel. This ensures that the platform and its wallet are truly decentralized and reduces the possibility of fund loss due to unauthorized access.

  1. Low entry threshold: most investment products are not accessible to the common people who make up the majority of the world’s population due to a high minimum investment amount. This has kept several low-income earners from investing in opportunities that could have med their lives better.

Roobee is eliminating this barrier by making the entry threshold as low as $10 (0.002BTC) for any of its investment products, regardless of location. This allows users to hold digital assets representing their chosen investment products and is the first real investment service provider that is taking everybody along.

  1. No reliable and convenient investment platform for the cryptocurrency industry: Most existing investment platforms are mainstream-based and really difficult to find and use. Surviving in the world of investment thus entails working hard to find investment platforms with suitable investment products for investors. This is almost an impossible task for the common man especially those who wish to invest in cryptocurrencies.
The main idea of Roobee in one slide
The main idea of Roobee in one slide

Roobee serves as a gateway to the world of investment for those with digitized assets by uniting both traditional and digitized investments. RoobeeChain helps to provide ratings from evaluation of investment products to determine suitability for Roobee. This provides a uniform access point for investors and the asset digitization system makes it easy to invest in different products such as blockchain projects, stock market, venture capital market, and real estate.

6. Ease of investment: Investment has been seen as a complicated and boring process and so most people don’t consider it especially among millennials as most people are busy and considering new territories for investment is considered a waste of time.

Roobee uses a gamified investment strategy to make the process less hectic and more enjoyable. By playing games, users earn Roobee tokens for completing a questionnaire, drawing up an investment profile, and selecting the investment products at different stages of investing. Further investments in other products can be done with just a few clicks with the help of RoobeeID. This simplifies the process and makes it easier to follow and save time.

7. Difficult investment decision making: Non-professional investors may find the choice of investment products very demanding and in some cases impossible. This is a huge turn off for private investors who can’t have access to objective analysis, statistics and advise to help in choosing an investment product to invest in.

Roobee gives a plain analysis of each investment product with no hidden information so that deciding on which product to invest in becomes very easy. The information provided on each product is clear enough to make investment decision making very easy and seamless.

On top of this, Roobee already has a community of over 300,000 potential investors waiting to get on board. It also has a credible set of experienced experts in the cryptocurrency industry as members of its project team who are readily available for questions or inquiries at all major crypto events.

Roobee IEO at BitForex

Roobee’s IEO is going up at BitForex has started on 13th May 2019. All participants in this IEO are entitled to bonuses under either Silver, Gold or Prime category for investments starting from $1,500, $3,000 and $7,000 respectively.


As you have seen, Roobee is a strong, reliable, safe, secure and user-friendly investment platform with a robust and functional business model that has built a community of loyal users that is out to take your investment experience to the next level. Use this opportunity to participate in the ongoing IEO for an investment experience of a lifetime.