An STR Capital Analysis for Interested Traders before They Sign Up

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An STR Capital Study for Interested Traders before They Sign Up

Are you thinking about signing up with STR Capital? Of course, with its increasing popularity, STR Capital has become one of the first platforms that new traders consider when they want to start their trading careers. But it is your right to find out how good or bad the broker is. Will the broker meet all your requirements? Will the broker provide you with the trading conditions that let you prosper as a trader and become a professional? You will find everything out in this complete STR Capital analysis that discusses all the features of this broker and its trading platform. 

STR Capital – Basic Introduction 

The first thing you have to know about this broker is that it gives you access to a variety of financial markets. It is not like one of those conventional brokers that operate in one financial market only. When you sign up with STR Capital, you will be able to trade commodities, indices, currency pairs, and stocks. How do you get access to so many financial markets from the same trading platform and through just one broker? Well, you will be trading CFDs with this broker. You will not own the asset you trade but will be trading a contract that carries its value. 

This way, you can trade just about any asset that you are interested in without owning it at any point. In addition to that, you will be able to enjoy some leverages on your trades as well. That’s something you cannot enjoy if you are trading conventionally and traditionally with old brokers. 

Trading Platform – It’s for Everyone and Everywhere

You are going to love the approach that this broker has taken with its trading platform. With most brokers, you can expect to download a trading platform on your computer or smartphone and then us it. The problem with a downloadable software is that it is available to you only locally. If you move to a different device, you have to download the software again. In addition to that, you have to keep learning a new trading platform every day because in most cases, you will have a different looking platform for the desktop and smartphone.

You will not face such problems when you sign up with STR Capital. This broker provides you with a web-based trading platform where you can trade from your desktop and smartphone in the same manner. The best thing is that you can use this trading platform from anywhere in the world. Additionally, you can trade using your Android or iPhone. You can use the same trading platform with the same features and looks from your desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. You don’t even have to download the software. 


Asset Index – Traders Will Love It

The asset index is something that you can definitely admire about this broker at your first glance. You will have a variety of assets at your disposal that you can trade the way you want. You have indices available, which allow you to trade many different stocks in a clumped form. You also have forex currency pairs available from all corners of the world, so you can pick a pair that you think is most suitable for you based on your trading style. You can also trade commodities with this broker, which means you can try your trading skills in buying and selling gold, silver, platinum, oil, gas, corn, etc. 

You have stocks available for trading from a variety of countries of the world. You have the best companies of the US and the biggest from around the world on the asset index of this broker. If you are an experienced trader, you are going to love the opportunities you will get with this broker to diversify your trading and investment portfolio. 

Account Types – No One Should Be Ignored 

STR Capital has taken care of all of its traders because it knows that its traders join the trading platform from around the world. As a broker, you cannot create your trading platform and the system only for a certain group of traders in this modern world. Today, people can trade from the comfort of their homes, which means the entire world population is the target audience of online brokers. STR Capital has done a great job with its trading accounts, which represent beginners, advanced traders as well as professionals. You can join the account that you consider suitable for you. 

If you are on a budget, pick the basic account with only 500 EUR required as an initial deposit. If you want to go full in, you should go with the millioner account in which you can get the best of everything. Even the bonus on your first deposit is 100% with this account. 

Education – Learn and Apply 

Should you be worried about your trades so much that you can’t even start trading? That’s what happens when you don’t know anything about trading and don’t want to lose your money. Of course, the best solution to this problem is to learn how to trade. You have the broker providing you with all the material that you need to learn how to trade. You will not have to go to any third parties for learning anymore. STR Capital has brought you a huge glossary that explains just about every single jargon that’s used in this industry. Once you have read this glossary, half of the trading courses will already start making sense to you. 

A lot of the basic information you need as a new trader is available right on the website of the broker. If you have any issues with your trading account, education, or trading experience, you can always contact STR Capital by calling its phone or sending an email. All the contact details are available on the website. 

Final Thoughts 

This might not be the longest STR Capital study you have read, but we have tried to touch upon all the important points that you need to know about this broker. There is no doubt that there is still a long way to go for this broker to become the best. However, you can say that it is going in the right direction by understanding its traders and providing them with what they want. You should consider it among your list of potential online brokers if you are thinking about starting with trading.

Disclosure: The ZyCrypto News Department Was Not Involved In The Production Of This Content.

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