AMFEIX: World’s First Pseudo-Anonymous Blockchain Trading Fund

AMFEIX: World’s First Pseudo-Anonymous Blockchain Trading Fund

Bitcoin enthusiasts seeking to make clandestine investments and grow their wealth can now do so, thanks to The scalable blockchain investment fund allows investors to deposit as low as 0.02 BTC on its platform to start reaping the benefits of their highly successful trading strategies. The firm has a professional team of traders who trade in crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat pairings that give high returns.

Impenetrable Security of Funds

AMFEIX uses several layers of security to ensure that investors’ funds are safe from hackers and any unauthorized entities.

To prevent hackers from accessing funds that are inactive within the platform, AMFEIX uses cold storage. The method is completely detached from the internet, making it difficult for hackers to access the site to steal BTC.

To minimize any risks of losing massive amounts of funds due to inaccurate trading strategies, the firm only allocates 30-50% of pooled funds for trading. The assets are traded in the most secure exchanges in the world where the risk of loss is minimal.

For protection, the platform provides a seed key that should be memorized by all account holders. The seed key links all devices used by the investor at any given time, thereby restricting unauthorized access from unknown gadgets. Additionally, all investors have an 8-character password to secure their wallets.


Pseudo-anonymous Trading doesn’t use the KYC policy when accepting deposits from new uses. Instead, the platform allows investors to deposit their money and withdraw them pseudo anonymously. With a wallet name and password, users can use the platform freely without revealing their identities. 

Transparent Investing

AMFEIX trades in the most liquid and profitable crypto-crypto and crypto-fiat pairings to generate profits. The gains made are then distributed in the ratio of 80:20 for investors and the firm, respectively. The investors will, therefore, take home 80% of the gains made while the platform remains with 20%.

Terminating contracts with AMFEIX is an easy and transparent procedure with no hiccups. The firm doesn’t have a minimum investment period. Therefore, investors who want to terminate their contract with AMFEIX just need to declare their intent on the platform, and they’ll receive their funds in their wallets after 24 hours.

The firm distributes profits in BTC to insulate investors from losing their profits from any fluctuations in the value of fiat currencies; it also updates all wallets regularly so that they can transparently monitor all their transactions.

Flourishing Capital

Investors who are keen on increasing their capital can delay withdrawing their gains and instead reinvest them. With time, the capital will grow, and this means that future profits will also increase.

Straightforward Withdrawal Procedure

The process of withdrawing profits from the AMFEIX platform is very straightforward. With a simple click on the withdraw button, users can access their BTC in their wallets after all the approvals are done. 

24/7 Support 

The customer care team at AMFEIX is very responsive to investor queries emanating from several areas across the globe. The service runs on a 24/7 basis to meet the needs of AMFEIX’s investors from different time zones.

Attractive Referral Program

AMFEIX offers an enticing referral program to users who want to increase their profits. By convincing a member to invest with AMFEIX, you will automatically receive 10% of the gains made by the new user. 

AMFEIX is the first pseudo-anonymous blockchain trading fund. The firm groups investors’ BTC funds into a pool, which is then managed by experienced traders to generate profits for investors.

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