Algory Project – the most advanced cryptotrading tool on the market


Algory Project, created by traders from the world’s largest exchanges, the US NYSE and NASDAQ, launches its ICO Whitelist on November 15th. It will provide investors in the cryptocurrency market with a comprehensive trading tool. It will make trading more effective and your transactions will bring more profits.

The revolution awaited by traders Algory Project was created for the community of over 30 million traders dealing on 100 global cryptocurrency exchanges. It is a powerful analytical tool which aims to revolutionize their day-to-day operations.

Unlike other products of this type, Algory Project boasts the largest number of comprehensive functionalities available on a single platform. Currently, this is the only available tool in its class. “What does a typical day look like for a cryptocurrency trader? Morning coffee, shower, lunch and then, depending on your plans: several to over a dozen hours in front of the computer, with some breaks of course.

The bulk of your time is devoted to the analysis of data, price fluctuations, defining events, volume changes, and others… We all know the story. It’s high time to change it”, says Tomasz Przybycień, a trader for many years and one of the minds behind this project, when describing its functionalities.

The most comprehensive cryptocurrency scanner on the market Time is the leading factor contributing to the success of a transaction. Thanks to the cryptotrading tool implemented in Algory Project, the user simply has more of it. The functionality immediately scans cryptocurrencies against defined filters and alerts. It notes price changes, fluctuations, fundamental analysis factors, and much more.

In a few seconds, it carries out all the tedious and time-consuming labor, leaving the trader with a complete set of required information. All you need to do is to set the filters of your choice. Cryptocurrency Scanning gives the user a significant advantage – it is able to conclude a profitable transaction before it is grabbed by other traders.

Always on top of things with CryptoNews Another functionality of Algory Project aimed to optimize traders’ working time. Due to the integrated connection, it provides quick access to the most important information from the cryptocurrency market, collected from trusted websites, blogs, and social media channels.

As the tool develops, the user will be able to apply detailed filters on the data and add their own information sources. Forecasting market changes – Blockchain Analyzer Tracking and detailed analysis of the most spectacular and unexpected moves on hot and cold wallets enables forecasting of future market changes to some degree.

Blockchain analyzer will inform the user about the risk and will provide an alert for expected discount sales. The cryptocurrency tool will also watch over the cryptocurrencies held in ICO projects in which the trader is participating.

This gives the trader certainty that nothing will slip past them. 13 functionalities – 13 opportunities for increased profits and effective trading Every day, Algory Project is being developed by a team of experts who broaden and improve its functionalities.

This makes for a more robust database and better analytics. Among the additional tools of Algory Project, you can find: Cryptocurrency Backtester – functionality which uses historical data to check the expected outcome of your strategy and simulate its future results Autotrading – work automation with AI algorithms Social learning – internal platform for the users to share their knowledge and experience Exchange comparison – quick and intuitive comparison between the profitability of various cryptocurrency exchanges Trading Room – a place for the traders to meet, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and much more.

You can get more information about the functionalities in the Whitepaper available on the project’s website. How to sign in to the Whitelist and join ICO Token sale All persons interested in the cryptocurrency tool and ICO Token sale can join the project’s Whitelist, open from 15th November for three weeks or until all spots are filled.
Joining the Whitelist gives traders an advantage as it makes them eligible for a guaranteed purchase of tokens before the public Crowdsale starts. Note! The number of spots on the list is limited.

Whitelist signup and more information about the tool can be found on the Algory Project website. We are happy to help if you have any questions: Anna Przybycien

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