Admantium Finance To Help Bridge Crypto Investors And Entrepreneurs

Admantium Finance To Help Bridge Crypto Investors And Entrepreneurs

Admantium Finance, a decentralized cryptocurrency research and analytical platform offers investors access to quality data to help them with their investments.

The platform offers its users data on fundamental research and advanced crypto analytics of massive levels of data. Admantium Finance has a research desk that adopts a macro and micro approach towards analyzing the cryptocurrency market.

Admantium’s Research Desk allows its users access to the unique modeling tools that make it easier for them to manage their investments. These tools reportedly help the user to better understand the key factors that influence the cryptocurrency market and how best to use them to their advantage.

Notably, Admantium Finance aims at allowing investors to easily churn out the value and interact with digitized assets. For this reason, the platform strives to provide transparent and actionable data to investors. It also uses its API functionality to develop data analytics for its users. 

The project is still under development. In the coming days, Admantium Finance plans to launch its fundraising platform. This platform will reportedly connect Admantium Finance investors and entrepreneurs. Through its funding platform, Admantium Finance will act as a bridge for both investors and entrepreneurs allowing them access to resources from both fields. 


The funding platform will help legitimate startups to raise capital. Admantium Finance’s website reads in part:

“We help raise external funding to kickstart or grow your business. Whether it’s angel investors, venture capital, or private equity, we have you covered. We prepare the documents required for the fundraising campaigns and help you reach out to the right investors.”

Once the funding platform is launched, it will offer access to cheap and quick capital, over-the-top advisory services, anti-dumping features through Ad-Lock services, and a ready-made community. One thing to note, the Anyi-dumping will act as an escrow that will ensure the safety and security of all payments. This feature is designed with time and event-based triggers for payments, taking the form of parametric payments. 

When it comes to Security Token Offering (STO), Admantium Finance will serve as a part of the company’s team with the duties of managing the process. The platform will also coordinate with licensing dealers or brokers and merchant bankers to run the STO

In addition to the STO and funding services, the platform also provides crypto mining services. These mining services include providing planning and strategy, mining farm engineering, increased savaging, and mining advisory among others.