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The advertising ecosystem is a unique space. Advert firms do a lot of underground work before coming out with a catchy advert, with quality content to enable the product grab users attention. Adhive is here to disrupt the and revolutionise the ads industry.
The AdTech market is often faced with the issues of lost revenues, budget waste and more, which has led to a near-stagnation of the AdTech Ecosystem.
However, since 2016 when some startups entered the system via ICOs, the Adtech industry has also caught the blockchain bug and many firms have come into the space.
ICO Statistics
Per ICOWatchList, only 20% of all ICOs start from the U.S, about 11% starts from the UK, and a measly 10% is organised in Russia.
The United States also accounts for roughly 39% of AdTech based ICO projects. Russia also has about 13% in the sector.
The co-founder of AdHive, Dmitry Malyanov has said:

“Many in the ICO industry are fighting an ongoing battle with the competitive profitability factor of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. The average income of AdTech versus the field of Bitcoin is considerably higher. Such growth was achieved thanks to projects like Snovio, AdEx and Viuly. As is evident, AdTech projects on average grow faster than Bitcoin, thus producing greater profitability yields.”

The AdTech sector witnessed a massive boom towards the end of 2017, and it could succeed again this year. There is a global demand for blockchain-based products, and the AdTech space would not be left out.
About 19 ICO projects focusing on the Adtech industry will be organised in Q1 of 2018 which a better development as compared to last year’s results.
The average amount raised by these ICOs is roughly $15, and the median is $5.5 million. This is higher than the average gotten in other ICO sectors.
The most popular AdTech ICOS are the ones who position themselves as marketplaces for adverts. They offer advert sales using banners and other methods and also support real-time consumer interaction as well as advertising in virtual reality and video sharing.
The platform is a native adverts system for automated, mass placement of native ads on influencer channels. It is based on Blockchain technology and uses the Ethereum smart contracts.
AdHive focuses on using its solution to help businesses scale their influencer marketing processes, using AI.
The platform also provides tools for users to monetise their blogs. The primary goal of the team is to bridge the gap between brands and influencers through blockchain technology, Artificial Intelligence and lots more.
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