ActiveBrokerz Review – Start Your Trading Journey with

ActiveBrokerz Review - Start Your Trading Journey with

Every-day, the internet world is introducing modern technologies, features, and programs for its users, which are extremely helpful in every field of their lives. The Internet has developed every aspect of life, irrespective of where ever you live or whichever profession you belong to. With one click of your finger, you will be able to find the help and assistance you need for your intended purpose. From the availability of shopping of a piece of cloth to the major trades, all are possible under the umbrella of the internet. All that it takes is the availability of an internet-connected device such as a laptop, desktop computer, or a smartphone.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, online business and trades have been one of the most reliable, efficient, and feasible sources of income for people, which was initially within the reach of a certain, class, in particular the rich people. With the passage of time, online trades have earned worldwide recognition, attracting large groups of new investors as well as online in return for earning profits.

With such a high influx of investors, this resulted in creating the need for having individuals or groups of people who were experts in the field of online trading, in particular, forex and cryptocurrency trading, which were able to guide novice investors and help them learn the ways of trading and making profits. Because of this reason, we can now find hundreds and thousands of online brokerages offering customers to set up their accounts with them to take part in online trading.

With time, it all came down to competition where one brokerage claimed to be providing services better than the other and, as a result, many brokerages started to make false claims only to attract investors and when these customers moved to them, to their shock and surprise the services being provided were not as per the standards and were poor. ActiveBrokerz is the brokerage that has been developed by a group of expert traders and analysts to change this misconception of the general public which was created by these false brokers. Since its inception, ActiveBrokerz is serving its customers in the best way possible and therefore it has earned a reputation of being one of the best, most reliable, and reputed brokerage.

Who are ActiveBrokerz?

The trading world has also changed its features and online trading is overtaking it with excessive supremacy. In the past, it was hard for everyone to take part in the trading business but thanks to online trading, which has made it so informal for those who are greatly interested in it. To make the trading business more efficient, the concept of online brokers was introduced. These online brokers offer extraordinary features and amenities for their customers. ActiveBrokerz is one of such brokerages, which is up to the mark and justifies with the professional strains of the beginners and experienced traders.


The classic group of traders, who were keen to serve the investors with their professional expertise, formed this unique platform for forex and cryptocurrency trading purposes. Their foremost significance was the investors who enter the trading business in an effort to gain high rates of returns. ActiveBrokerz has been able to empower its customers to enhance their skills in online forex trading. It is an award-winning platform and a dedicated online trading brokerage firm, which is extremely concerned about its clients and provides them premium value-added services.

Account types

ActiveBrokerz offers different kinds of account types that are specifically designed to fulfill the needs of online traders. In order for a trader to be able to trade with ActiveBrokerz, they only have to sign up for an account and after that, they can start their forex trading journey with ActiveBrokerz.

  • Beginners Account

All brokerages are aware of the prominence of newcomers and offer standard but smart features for them. The beginners’ account has been specifically introduced for catering to the needs of beginners. For signing up this account, it requires a minimum deposit of 250 Euro. Investors who are petrified to invest and don’t know the basics of trading can easily rely on ActiveBrokerz for conducting their forex trading. With the Beginners account traders can access top assets with the help of professional assistance of ActiveBrokerz. 

Traders can also find daily market research reports, which can help them make their decisions based on logic and research. The live webinar is an extra service for the trader which is a live trading room where traders can be part of live chats with experienced traders. These expert traders give you the much-needed assistance in forex trading.

  • Intermediate accounts

The second account is the Intermediate Account. To start your forex trading through an intermediate account, you would be required to deposit 5000 Euros. You can also have access to the top assets of ActiveBrokerz and can have a daily market research reports to understand the situation of the market. A trader can also be able to receive the services of a personal manager, who is dedicated to assisting you in your forex trading assignments. 

During the process of forex trading with ActiveBrokerz, a trader is also entitled to enjoy the facility of three live trading sessions.

  • Expert Account

To be able to use this account a trader needs to deposit an initial deposit of 20,000 Euros. Again live webinar service is provided in this account as well as the daily market research report for the ease of traders. The facility of the personal account manager is also there and comes with live unlimited sessions. A trader can obtain valuable advice from the Activebrokerz expert advisor who are highly qualified and experienced in the field of online trading. This account is specifically created for catering to the needs of an expert level trader who is daring and does not hesitate to take part in mega forex and cryptocurrency trading opportunities.

How to deposit?

As we have learned that in order for a trader to be able to utilize the benefits and features of an account, the trader has to deposit a certain amount of money as an initial deposit depending on what type of account he has chosen. A trader can easily open the deposit portal and select the method to deposit his funds for signing up with ActiveBrokerz. After a while, you will get the verification email with the confirmation that your deposit has been successfully deposited in your account.

Credit/Debit card

The most reliable way to inject funds in your ActiveBrokerz account is through a Credit/Debit card. Payments are instantly transferred in the account when a fund request is materialized. 

Bank wire transaction

Another model of payment that is acceptable at the platform of ActiveBrokerz is the bank wire transfer through which an intended trader can deposit his initial deposit for the account of his choice. The easiest way of wire transfer can be done in the world’s most well-known currencies such as USD, GBP, and EUR. 

Alternative payment solutions

At the platform of ActiveBrokerz, for the opening of a trading account, a trader can also use alternative methods for transferring and depositing the funds for which ActiveBrokerz charges a very meager amount as a fee. These alternative payment solutions are helping traders to open up their trading accounts with ActiveBrokerz and are very reliant, secured, and trusty as well as certify that the trader’s data and personal information are not compromised. ActiveBrokerz accepts payments via UpayCard and moneynet.


  • Forex

Forex trading is also very commonly known as Foreign Exchange which involves buying, selling, or exchanging of currencies in pairs. Forex trading is one of the largest trading products in the online financial market as well as in the traditional market. The benefits of trading in forex are known to all and this is why many online investors prefer to take part in forex and cryptocurrency trading and consider it over other trading products such as indices, shares, commodities, or CFDs, etc. It is the most standard form of trading which has a high potential for profit-making. An interesting fact about forex trade is that the forex markets remain open five business days a week and 24 hours a day around the globe.

  • First thing to know about forex

After choosing forex, as their trading product for conducting trading business, traders must have knowledge about the basics of forex trading and how it is done online. Forex and cryptocurrency trading is all about buying, selling and exchanging currencies in pairs and the currencies of these pairs are shown by its three-letter code for example, Euro is shown by EUR and dollar is shown by USD. There are around 60 to 70 pairs of currencies which are all circulating worldwide. These currency pairs are divided into three main groups:

  1. Major currency pairs

Major currency pairs are usually the greatest traded pair in forex trading. They are also known for their high liquidity and low volatility. 

  1. Minor currency pairs

Minor currency pairs are also known as crosses, but USD is not associated with it. Most of the traded currency pairs have been derived from the minor currency pairs but they have less liquidity and more volatility.

  1. Exotic currency pairs

Trading in exotic currency pairs could be more risky for the traders; they have less liquidity, more volatility and the chances of manipulation are high in this. Political and financial conditions can be effected on the rates of these currency pairs. These pairs belong to the minor and unimportant economies paired with major currency pairs.

  1. The hot pick

Just as every trading product has its own assets that every investor grabs on to, Forex also has one of the most popular currency pair which is the USD/EUR pair. Due to the international importance and recognition, the USD/EUR are in high demand among the rest of the 50-70 forex pairs. Just to give an example of this pair’s demand, this pair currently makes up for 50% of overall forex’s daily transaction volume, which is around $2 trillion. Due to its high liquidity, this pair is in really high demand among the old and new investors both. So, if you are also new to this trade then you should also go for this pair and start making fortunes.

  1. Basic understanding

Before you set up an account on one of the brokerages and start trading in forex, the first and foremost thing to know about is that in forex, the currencies come in pairs such as USD/EUR, CAD/GBP, USD/JPY etc. What it means is that if you choose the pair CAD/GBP and choose to sell, you are selling CAD and buying GBP in the process. Similarly, if you choose the pair USD/JPY and choose to buy, it means that you are buying USD and selling JPY respectively.

Supply and demand

Forex trade works on the supply and demand rule for example, when the need of dollar escalates around the world the value of dollar increases inevitably. Most of all, the value of a currency is mainly dependent on the respective country’s economic reputation/position. Even the lightest events or incidents taking place in a country can affect its currency’s value and demand so if you want to make the most out of the forex trade, you should always keep an eye on the events and economic situations for the countries whose currencies you have chosen. 

Trading platforms

ActiveBrokerz is completely equipped with the modern tools and technologies and has been able to provide best trading platforms for its customers allowing them to easily access the trading markets working in any part of the world.

  • Web Trader

Web trader is web based trading platform, which does not require any installation. All you have to do is connect to the internet and start using it which can be accessed from any computer, laptop or mobile phone. When you open an account with ActiveBrokerz you will be able to see the links of web trading platform, after confirming that you actually own the account you can access to the complete details of your trading history with web trader. It also shows that what trading products are available to trade in which you can invest your money. 

An ActiveBrokerz’ trader with the help of Web trader can gain access to the major forex trading markets as well as other trading products such as CFDs, Commodities and futures. Web-trader has a wide variety of functionality that is making it famous among the newcomers and expert traders.

  • Meta Trader 4

ActiveBrokerz can lead you to the accurate means to invest your assets to take compensations from your trading business. Metatrader4 is a unique and diverse platform, which is quite popular amongst the beginners and experienced traders because of its easy to use structure. It is available in all major languages like English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Russian. It is easy to use with both desktops and mobile phones but for being able to use the best possible features Metatrader4, using it on desktop computer is highly beneficial. Metatrader4 allows you to have complete control of your trading account at anytime from anywhere in the world. Metatrader4 shares all the vital informations to its users that are valuable for a trader to conduct his business in efficient and effective manner.

  • Mobile trader

There is no argument that today mobile phones are amazing electronic devices which allows their users to do almost everything. Mobile trading has attracted the traders of all kinds because of its user-friendly interface. ActiveBrokerz is providing mobile trading option for its traders to make the trading process in sound and beneficial manner. Similarly, through the use of mobile phones traders can have the daily account statement from ActiveBrokerz as well as the daily news feed. The facility of providing smart charts can also be accessed through mobile phones. 

Investors resources

  • Economic calendar

ActiveBrokerz also provides economic calendar for their clients. It is a chart, which reflects the schedule of events that are taking place in forex market. Traders like to follow economic calendar for initiation of their trading strategies and to remain at all times informed about the trends taking place in the forex market. 

  • Technical analysis

Technical analysis indicator is a state of the art service being provided by ActiveBrokerz. In the trading business as well as any other business technical is a necessary tool which allows a businessman to foresee the change in economic conditions. This helps a businessman to determine whether the business opportunity is beneficial for him or that if he starts his business, there is likelihood that he will have to bear loss. 

That is why technical analysis has a very distinct part to play in any business, in particular trading business. The fact of having highly qualified team of professionals from the field of financial markets, ActiveBrokerz has been able to provide its customers the best technical analysis to help them arriving at well-though of and logic based decision.

  • Online academy

We are living in the world where fair competition is necessary for survival of a service provider. That is why every online trading broker is more concerned about its clients and is trying to deliver in the best interests of its customers and traders. With the assistance of online academy service, ActiveBrokerz traders can achieve their trading objectives while getting themselves equipped with the relevant knowledge and education in the trading field. At the platform of ActiveBrokerz there is wide range of selected training videos which can be easily accessed by its customers to prepare themselves for the purposes of conducting their traders in an effective and efficient manner.

Customer Support

The most crucial aspect for the survivability of an organization like ActiveBrokerz, it is necessary to have a reliable and at all times available customer support which can guarantee solving problems of the traders and help them understand the contents and features that are being made available by ActiveBrokerz.

From the day of its inception, ActiveBrokerz has tried to ensure that the traders of ActiveBrokerz are able to enjoy the best available customer support which is according to best known standards required from an online trader of repute. ActiveBrokerz believes that in order achieve positive feedback and customer satisfaction it has to provide customer support which is not just efficient but which remains at all times available to resolve the issued being faced by the traders.

The customer support representatives at ActiveBrokerz undergo most difficult training sessions at which they are taught how to deal with the customers. Currently, the customer support of ActiveBrokerz has been applauded by most of its customers and today ActiveBrokerz standout as one of the finest amongst the very best service providers all around the world. The agents who are part of the customer support service at ActiveBrokerz are well versed with their internal SOP(s) and fully aware of the required standards.

Why choose ActiveBrokerz for forex trading

There is no doubt that there are thousands of online trader brokers available which are well-reputed and highly result-oriented. The question is then who would you choose ActiveBrokerz over any other similar online forex broker. The answer is very simple. ActiveBrokerz knows that the investment you are pouring in is your lifetime earning and you don’t want it to go wasted or, in the worst scenario, stolen from you. For taking part in the online forex trading you need to be extra careful in choosing the right broker for doing the task on your behalf. You will be required to examine each and every feature as well as all other aspects before you enter into an agreement with an online broker otherwise, as discussed above, there are people who are waiting to scam you.

Since ActiveBrokerz is one of the best online brokers available on which you can rely on, you don’t need to worry much about your investment which is in safe hands. Once you are at ActiveBrokerz you will be able to explore vibrant opportunities of forex trading and, at the same time, your funds will be kept secured. It is therefore important for a beginner or pro-level trader to start his trading journey with ActiveBrokerz.

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