A new era of gaming begins with DWF Labs’ seven-figure investment in the Outer Ring MMO

A new era of gaming begins with DWF Labs' seven-figure investment in the Outer Ring MMO

In an exciting move, DWF Labs has committed to providing the Outer Ring MMO with ongoing financial investment in exchange for a sizeable seven-figure investment. Their innovative video game development and the expansion of their immersive blockchain ecosystem will both be accelerated by this critical cash infusion.

Get ready for a 3rd person shooting MMORPG experience like none other.

Outer Ring MMO is moving on with their ambitious plans to develop a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) enhanced with a tokenized layer, having already collected an amazing $15M in 2022. With a committed team of over 250 outstanding people, they are ready to grow into a thriving ecosystem built on the $GQ token. This long-term financial backing comes at the ideal time, on June 28, the day of the much anticipated Early Access Pre-Alpha playable.

Daniel Valdés, CEO of Maniac Panda Games, voiced his appreciation and excitement, stating, “It is a pleasure and a privilege to have the DWF Labs team working around the $GQ ecosystem and lending their expertise and capital to the development of Outer Ring MMO.”⁣

The Dapp for the Outer Ring MMO already includes many outstanding features. Players can use their Decentralized Exchange to stake GQ and in-game tokens and unlock rewards using different yield farming techniques. The team recently completed two rounds of NFT Lands auctions, producing over $300K in volume, and successfully built their own NFT Marketplace.


With DWF Labs’ assistance, Outer Ring MMO will strengthen its expanding ecosystem even more while luring new players and educating them to the many benefits of blockchain technology.

Outer Ring MMO

An engaging 3rd-person sci-fi action MMORPG for PC is called Outer Ring MMO. Players go on an epic journey spanning galaxies to discover new worlds, solve old secrets, and face the dangers of deep space in this Unreal Engine 5-powered game set across a huge cosmos.⁣ ⁣

Maniac Panda Games, one of Europe’s leading gaming studios headquartered in Spain, employs more than 300 skilled game developers. By providing a diverse range of games, from arcade and racing games to action-adventure genres, combined with cutting-edge web3-powered experiences, they want to take gamers to a new dimension of gaming.