5 of the Most Outlandish Digital Currencies In The Crypto Market

5 of the Most Outlandish Digital Currencies In The Crypto Market

Cryptocurrencies have been around for quite some time, but it is just recently that people are warming up to the idea of using it for various transactions, making the currency very popular. The digital currencies there are, are decentralized and powered by distributed ledger technology.

The most popular cryptocurrencies that people are aware of today are Bitcoin and Ether. It is the rapid appreciation of Bitcoin that has popularized the idea of cryptocurrencies, regardless of how strange it can be, especially if you do not know much about the market.

By creating their own cryptocurrency, companies are finding newer ways of making money. It explains why you would find so many alternative cryptocurrencies in the market ballooning, some more bizarre than others. This article should help uncover some of the top 5 most bizarre cryptocurrencies that exist:


The Unobtanium is considered as one of the rarest cryptocurrency in the world, especially given that it is inspired by the fictional mineral in Avatar, the movie. The currency prides in its uniqueness based on its scarcity, distribution, fair launch, and low inflation. The model of this cryptocurrency allows for only 250,000 Uno coins to be mined over the next 300 years. Even in its rare state, you will still find that you pick up a coin for around $76 on today’s market.

On their website, it claims to be the better option in place of Bitcoin, given that it has a secure Blockchain that is three times faster than Bitcoin. Like you would indulge in a secure protocol like MySQL back up to guarantee the safety of your data, this currency assures security to users through their transactions.


Ever heard of currency usable for marijuana transactions? Well, the PotCoin is a cryptocurrency used in the dealings of legalized marijuana products. This currency is intended to increase sales in the cannabis industry. Technically, they are digital coins used over the internet. The idea of this currency is to create a trustable and secure atmosphere for users to carry on with buying and selling of marijuana products. Users of this currency get the opportunity not only to transact but also to communicate, grow and interact with each other. For the reason that this cryptocurrency is the first of its kind, it has a $16 million market cap.


Yes, there is such a thing as the Sexcoin. As per their website, it is the first industry-specific cryptocurrency. It is a currency obviously meant for adults. It helps them enjoy a more personalized experience while shopping for “adult products.”

Simply put, it offers a fee-free way to pay for particular purchases and services that you would rather keep on the down-low. Technically, the currency holds to the opinion that it can get challenging to shop online for ‘adult products’ with anonymity and high security throughout transactions. It is why the Sexcoin is secure, anonymous with no chargebacks on users. The supply of these coins has been limited to 250,000, 000 coins. Technically, the verification of the transactions happens so fast – block time target of 60 seconds – in a way to establish secure transactions and maintain anonymity.


The Dogecoin is one of a kind cryptocurrency that started as a joke, given that its roots from a Shiba Inu, a Japanese dog breed, that became popular as a meme. The picture of this Doge was alongside inane multicolored Comic Sans captions. This peer-to-peer centralized digital currency has amassed well over $2-billion, with surprising stunts like sponsoring NASCAR drivers and Olympic athletes. This currency that became popular back in 2013 features the face of a dog with comic sans texts in the background. Overall, this currency has been used in the online space as a way to pay small ‘tips’ to providers of remarkable content. It has also become the perfect way to raise money for charities like the examples earlier mentioned.


The primary purpose of the PutinCoin was to pay “tribute” to the president and people of Russia. It is why it identifies itself as Russia’s national cryptocurrency. The currency has a myriad of infrastructure, for example, block-explorers, different types of wallets, gaming apps, and payment solutions. All these infrastructures are channeled toward letting users carry out various financial transactions. There is a lot you can achieve with these currencies, with endless opportunities for traders, businesses, social projects, private persons, apps, and services. Even while this coin has been around only since 2016, it already has a market cap of around US$2.5 million.

Crazy as these cryptocurrencies may seem, they do exist. It is a signal that the world is quickly transitioning to digital currencies, and soon, it may be time for everyone to adapt to this change.

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